Thrift Stores

If you have been following my blog, you probably know two things about me:
1- that I am a shopaholic
2- that I am cheap

In the past, it was hard for me to combine those two. I like to buy things but I do not have the money to do so. I was always looking for some places where I could find really nice things at a bargain price. I thought I have found it at Ross (my favorite shop in the world). Still it was not enough. I thought that they was something I could do to find nice pieces for a cheap price. With this economy, I would have to come up with something If I want to be fashionable and save some dough.

So I did some research to find places where I could get things for a cheap price. Nothing very interesting came up. I was about to give up when I went down a Goodwill store to donate some old clothes of mine. I took a look inside the store and I found pretty interesting stuffs. After a while, I began to shop there.

I know, all the clothes are used, worn, pre-own. But it does not matter to me because of the following reasons:

1- I find pretty exotic items at the Goodwill store. Most of the clothes down there are so old( not old in the piece-they are well preserved- but old in the design), they have this vintage vibe to them. They are probably not from well known designers but who cares. As long as they fit me, I am ready to work it. And where in this world of mine, can I get a vietnamese tunic that is 100% cotton? Not a Khols or Ross.

2- They have long dresses. I have been looking for maxi dresses that have sleeves all over Houston without any success. I was about to give up but look at my surprise when I went down to the Goodwill store. They had all kinds of maxi dresses with sleeves. Ok, some of them were tacky but the rest: pure beauty. I have not found one that quite fit but I am getting there. On the plus side, I found this beauty: a structured long sleeves shirt dress in fushia. It is so 1980 but I do not care, I love the fit on me, and the color is to die for.

3- They have party dresses: I found this oh so lovely, yet glamorous dress once. It was beautiful and If I had a red carpet event (which will probably never happen) or getting hitched again (which will probably never happen either), I would wear it. The skirt was this explosion of tulle. And the waiste had a belt made of beads. It was so gorgeous. And cheap too ($10.00). My only problem with it was that if I bought it, it would probably end up hidden in my closet and this was such a jewel that deserved to be worn. So I put it back on the rack, hoping to find something nicer but less event dress next time.

4- They have designer shoes for less: Last week, I checked another Goodwill store and found these amazing Steve madden peep toe pumps for $7.99. They were gorgeous. The only problem I had with them, is that they do not fit me. But what the hell, I still bought them. I thought I could resell it on Ebay or give it to one of my cousins as a christmas gift.

I guess it was the thought that counted; because today I was rewarded with a find of beige loafers by Enzo Angiolini for $4.99.

5- This has nothing to do with fashion but they have books for less, children's clothes and toys for less ( I am a mother so it matters to me), furnitures. Anything you probably need or just want, they may have it. And there are so many people donating every day that you can find your jewel out there.

I have always been addicted to thrift stores, even when I was living in Japan. Hey, I got hook while living in Japan. I had discovered that people used to recycle items found in their neighbors' garbage. I took out from someone's garbabe a futon, some plates. At first, I thought it to be crazy but after a while I got used to the idea. After all, it was just recycling. Then I began to check out recycling shops (that is how they called them in Japan). I bought so many things from those places: clubbing outfits, a bicyle, a humidifier, plates, bags, toys, books, dresser, couch, mirror, treadmill, bed...For me, going to a recycling shop was like hunting for a treasure because I was always sure I would find something unique and for a cheap price. The only problem that I had for those recycling shops was that they would buy your stuff for almost nothing and resell it for a huge price. To me, it was just a big fraud . So imagine my frustration when I realised that the Goodwill was doing the same, except that it did not buy stuff to resell it, but it was receiving stuff for free.

My next move is to find a place where I could sell stuff ( I have so much) and gain some money. I looked everywhere without much success. That is why I opened a shop online called Sinniature by Assy (My loss, your treasure). With this failing economy, I cannot afford to be a shopaholic, even a cheap one. I need to make money. And I figure out the best way to do it: buy and sell stuff...

PS: I could do it on Ebay but I find it so complicated. Check my blog if you want to get something used but unique:


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