Fall- Winter must have.

Winter Must Have by Sinnistre
Fall has finally arrived. The temperatures are dropping, but we can still enjoy the warm sun outside. The colors of the leaves are turning golden then brown. They are gradually falling all over, making gardening a hustle.
On one hand, I am not a big fan of Fall because it means that the cold season is beginning. And I hate being cold. I hate being cold because, I get cold in my limbs even when I have a cozy blanket on. (reason why my husband does not like to snuggle up with me at night-my feet are too cold to rub them on his). I hate being cold because I get sick. The air is so dry that I get congested and cannot breathe. But this is just me.
On the other hand, I love Fall (and Winter) because by covering up, I get to enjoy one of my favorite look: LAYERING. Fall and Winter are all about layering clothes. From the turtle neck to the coat, en passant by the sweater, it is all a bunch of clothes that you can match, mismatch and wear all in hundred of different styles. It is so much fun to get dressed during the cold season.
Here are my must have for the cold season:
- Turtle necks or long sleeve tees:
I prefer some made in cotton because they are breathable. I think the long sleeve thermal or turtle neck is the must have basic item. Buy them in basic colors such as black, white, navy, grey and you can build an entire wardrobe with them. You can wear a sheer dress on top of it or just a sweater. Besides the appeal of being low maintenance, and not so expensive, they can keep you cozy during cold days and nights. As a final note, I have to say that if you want to go bold, you can wear them in colors such as yellow like this woman underneath.

Photo borrowed from hijabstyle.blogspot.com

- Sweaters:
I love sweaters. I like going basic with the turtle necks. However I get wild with my sweaters. I like them in every color possible. I used to live in Japan where everything was grey during Winter. Therefore to cope with the weather, I used to wear colorful sweaters. I own some in pink, green, yellow, pale blue, bright yellow. Name the color, I probably have it. Moreover, I also have some in basic colors because you can never go wrong wearing a classic sweater particularly when you have to be formal at work. I like sweaters of all shapes. I wear the ones with a hood when I need to be casual, and the ones with buttons and belts when I need to go formal.

- Sweater vests: they are also perfect for the layered look. You can wear a dark or light vest over a long sleeves shirt and you look instantly polished. My must have for this season is a argyle sweater vest. They are so cute and feminine in light colors such as cream or pink.

- Sweater Dress: It is such as cute item for Fall. I like to go for the turtle neck and the ones that have puffy sleeves. You can also accessorize with a big belt to make the dress fit.

- Corduroy pants: I do not know why but corduroy (and velvet) pants scream winter to me. They are a bit casual but they can be very comfy and warm.

- Blazers or Jackets : in basic colors they may look sharp. This year is all about cropped jackets. They are very nice paired with a long sleeves shirts or blouses. I also like basic jackets in Suede.

Winter must have by Sinnistre

- Leggings: they can be tacky if you do not know how to wear them. I absolutely dis recommend to wear them as a substitute for pants because leggings can be see-through. And women of curves should stay away from leggings. They are not flattering on you unless you look like Angelina Jolie or a skeleton. So, please wear them with a knee-length sweater dress that is not too tight.

- Bright coats: If you want to make a statement this season, I guess a coat in a bright color should suit you. I am all for basics when it comes to coat but sometimes I like to mix it up a bit. That is why I think that a coat in orange or yellow will not be too bad especially if it is paired with earthy clothes to tone it down a bit.

- Boots: I love boots. They are so cozy. And they make you feel sexy. A boot in basic patent black is high class. I am not a big fan of the booties. I do not understand that shoes but if it is your kind of thing, why not. They can be very sexy paired with a sweater dress and leggings.

- Suede pumps or flats: in brown for classic, in other colors for funky ladies

- Knit hats and scarves: it is all about accessorizing and keeping yourself warm with the knit hat and scarf. I usually get mine from the Gap which makes some cute and fabulous one: remember the one SJP wore on Sex and the City during the New year scene. I am not sure it is from the GAP. However, two years ago they made sparkly knit hats for Winter in gold and silver. I wanted one so bad.

Winter must have 1 by Sinnistre

- A velvet red dress for Xmas or New Year's eve party: I always had a soft spot for velvet red dress. It looks so elegant. 4 years ago I met the perfect party dress at a store in Hachioji Japan. It was a floor length velvet red dress with a deep V in front, and a Chinese style belt. It was so gorgeous. I wanted it so bad but considering that the only partying I would be doing for the end of the year was inside my bed with my hubby, I just could not buy it at that time. I said to myself I will wait until I have a real party to get it. Tow weeks later, I still wanted the dress and decided to get it no matter what. Surprise Surprise, when I arrived to the store it was gone. They just had the black version left and it was not as marvellous as the red one. Too bad!!!!

These are my cold season must have items.

Yesterday, I went through my suitcases to take out all my winter clothes since it was getting colder. I found stuff that I still wanted but some of my sweaters seriously needed to be given to the Goodwill ( I had them for more than 5 years now). I recommend checking your closet for what you need before going out on a shopping spree. By doing this you can avoid buying some of the same items. Furthermore, by making a list of all you need this season, you will not be tempted to buy stuff by impulse (but lets be real, what woman does not buy clothes on impulse? As far as I am concerned I never stick to the list)

Happy Winter....


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