How my style changed over the years (part II)

My blossoming years did not stop when I moved to Japan some 6 months after I joined the local university. On the contrary, I became myself in Japan. I was no longer this tomboy who would hide her curves, or just this little vixen wannabe. I was me. I dressed the way I wanted without caring about what people may say or think. I was set free because of the way Japanese people my age dressed. If you know anything about Japanese Fashion, you will understand that it is very expressive. It is bold and not particularly attractive. It is in your face. I used to hate it because it was so different from my background. Nowadays, I like it even though I would never dress like that-I think-. Here is an idea of what is Japanese Fashion:

I was dressing the way I wanted and it was not that bad. I am sure I had some Fashion Police moments like when I wore this flowy white dress- I am pretty sure now that it was a nightgown-to a club one night. However, it was not so bad altogether. I even managed to score major points among my Japanese girlfriends who thought that I had a great style. I was becoming something of a fashion icon.
In Japan, I also became a clubber. Once a month, I would hit the hip-hop club scene in Osaka or Tokyo. I began to purchase clubbing clothes that are very much hoochie mama when you come to think of it. I did not know that back in the days. I was just experimenting. One night, I had this long green leather skirt and boots on at a club. Needless to say that, after less than 13 minutes on the dance floor I was sweating like a pig . Another time, I wore this oversize grey sweat pants with an open back tiny white top, men's white shirt and reptile skin wedge sandals with matching handbag (I missed those-they were so classy and comfy). I guess, I was young and for the first time in my life I was in an environment where I was considered unique, hence exotic and pretty. I loved it.
After a while-and due to my boyfriend/now husband- I began to mature. I stopped clubbing. I began to concentrate on the future. I also gained weight. So I ditched the tight tops and tight pants and opted for some flowy blouses and tops. I also wanted to become more feminine so I began purchasing dresses and skirts. This is my style now and it suits me very well because my weight has been shifting for so long(marriage, school, pregnancy,big move across the ocean, baby and all kind of things life throws at you). And it is very comfy. I like being comfy.
Everybody has a signature look: Xtina Aguillera has her pink/ red lipstick, Vera Wang has her tights. For me it is a pair of jeans with a flowy top or blouse, a pair of ballet flats and an oversize bag. I would accessorize with chunky necklaces and bracelets. No make up (I was never a fan). Sometimes, just to spice things up, I would opt for some maxi dresses or skirts with bold patterns, and some bright platform shoes.
These are a few of my favorite styles (from , and
1- Flowy flannel top with wide leg jeans and sandals

2- Flowy top with black skirt and flats

3- More polished- wrapped dress plus heels

4- Bold print maxi dress with bright orange wedge(

Nevertheless, my only wish is to have a makeover and shift this style. I want to become more polished, I want to opt for more form fitted, structured looks (GOD, I talk like Stacy and Clinton from What not to Wear). I want to have that formal look the working women/mothers have. Nothing over the top like Laura from season 3 of Project Runaway, but something nice and sophisticated. I think that I can only accomplish that look if I get a real job (not part time and working with children like I do), working in an office, doing important stuff and getting a real salary out of it. So until then, I guess this breezy style of mine will have to do.


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