Cheap shopper

I am cheap. I prefer buying 10 pair of shoes at $10.00 each rather than 1 at $100. I prefer quantity to quality.
However what is quality? Is it a shoe made by a famous brand like Manolo's or Jimmy Choo? Or is it just the quality of the material it is made of, the time taken to make it and the craftsmanship?
People tend to believe that because it is a brand, it has to be of good quality. I had my fair share of brands that were not as reliable as they advertised.
I used to be addicted to the Spanish Brand Zara while living in Japan because it was the only store where I could buy pants my size. I liked Zara pants, skirts and dresses. I still own the clothes I bought from Zara after 5 years. They are not damaged or even have their color faded after intensive washing. However, I noticed that Zara shoes were not as well made as the other items. I never bought their shoes but two of my closest friends did. They showed me their damaged heels stressing that it was just the second or third time they were wearing the shoes.
When you live on a budget like I do, you cannot afford to blow $100, or more on a pair of shoes or bags/particularly when you have a shoe or bag addiction. Do not get me wrong, I would love to own those fish bone stilettos from Guiseppe whatever or some Christian Louboutin. But how can I justify blowing $500 on a pair of shoes I would probably never wear. And even if I do wear them, I would not want them to be scratched or peeled.
Do Payless shoes peel easier than Enzo Angiolini shoes? Well, I owned a pair of white shoes from Payless (cost: $8on sale) and pale pink stilettos by Enzo ($70) and guess what, they peeled the first day I wore them, the same way (the heel got stuck in a hole on the pavement). I was mad but I was even madder that the Payless peeled because these are a pair of shoes I wwanted to wear everyday for work. The Enzo shoes were worn just once for a special occasion (after being bought years before and stored under my bed waiting for a good occasion to be showcased)
Payless shoes
Peel at the lower part of the heel
Enzo Angiolini Shoes
Peel on both heels

This not so very peachy experience taught me that it was okay to stay cheap. My lifestyle is not fabulous or lavish therefore I do not need those Louboutin. I may want them but this is another story. I will still shop at Payless or other cheap places. And If I need something extra sparkly and fabulous, I can check Macy's or Neiman Marcus (in my dreams). And who knows, I can even be lucky and get a fabulous pair of designer shoes for an affordable price like these Calvin Klein Madelyn ballet flats bought at $19.99 (minus taxes) at Ross store two days ago.


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