Why Do I need a makeover

I like makeover shows on TV from "What not to wear" to "Elles sont toutes belles" I watch them all. I enjoyed the transformation a human being can undergo if he or she has the right people behind her to support her.
Sometimes I wish I could become one of those people on TV who have makeovers. I do need a makeover so badly....
I need a makeover because I hate the way I dress, the way I style my hair. I need a makeover because I think it is about time I start dressing my own age, instead of trying to be 18 again. I need a makeover, just because I want one.

I need someone like Stacy and Clinton to tell me that this dress is too short, this top is too sheer, these pants are too tight. I need Tim Gunn to tell me that my bags are too cheap and that I need to invest in a good designer bag. I need someone to teach me how to apply make up that is going to accentuate my true beauty. I need someone to teach me how to take care of my hair so that it will not be damaged.

I need a team of specialist I can call day or night who will pamper me from head to toe. I need a makeover that is going to last a lifetime.

But let me face the truth, I am not Britney'Spears (even though I think that she also needs a makeover starting from a makeover of the soul) or Kimora Lee. I do not know famous stylists that I could call in the middle of the night to do me. And I will definetly not be recommended to participate in What not to wear by one of my friends anytime soon. So what a girl -who desperatly needs a makeover- to do? I guess, I will have to start by teaching myself how to dress, and style myself. There are so many websites where you could learn all that crap.And watching those makeover TV shows are not bad either. I guess it is a start.

I just need the will-power and one day I can become fa-bu-lous without any help. If I can do it by myself, I will never need stylists.


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