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Project Runaway produced another TV-show that is probably going to be a hit for Bravo. It is is called Tim Gunn's guide to style. I already watched some episodes and I enjoyed them. It is a makeover show; but it has some interesting twists to it. For example, the "target" will have to show all her wardrobe even her underwear. What I find also very interesting is that Tim Gunn has used some computer graphic type of diagram to show what is suitable for a person body type.
Another big point of the show, is when Tim Gunn asks the "target" to shop for the "Ten Essential Wardrobe Elements". It is a list of clothes a person should own: Basic Black Dress - Trench Coat - Classic Dress Pants - White Shirt - Jeans -
Cashmere Sweater - Skirt - Day Dress - Blazer - Sweat Suit Alternative
I like Tim Gunn' Essentials. If you own all of these items, it is clear that you will not wake up one day feeling like " I have nothing to wear".

Tim Gunn inspired me to come up with my own Essentials; clothes that I need to face the day, any day or any event.

1- Right Undergarments: a woman should always have the right underwear. You need a bra that is going to fit and support your breasts, no matter how small or large they are. You also need the right panties: not too small or too tight; preferably in cotton for comfort. If you wear pants, think of getting yourself a pair of thongs, or if you are not too daring smooth panties that will never leave a mark.
If you own too many see-through tops or shirts, think of getting some tank-tops in the basic colors of black, off-white and nude

2-White shirt and black pants: There is nothing that say business more than a white shirt, black pants combination. You look immediately professional and stylish. These are items that will never be outdated, so purchase some that have a classic cut.

3- Suit: You never know when you may need a suit. If you are living the simple life like me, you own hundred pairs or jeans with flirty tops and no suit. However, a suit will have to added to your wardrobe because it is the most formal outfit you can find; for business, for an interview, at church or for an event.

4- Pencil skirt: it just says formal when it is not too tight or too short. Knee-length is very appropriate.

5- Red shoes: You need a pair of red shoes to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe. You feel instantly sexy wearing red pumps, particularly if the heel is very high, above 5 inches.

6-a formal dress: black is usually the safe color to go for this type of dress, but if you want to add some fun to it, purchase one in a color that accentuate your true beauty. Personally I prefer blue, so I own several formal dresses that have shades of blue in different fabric such as silk.

7- a golden watch: My mother in law taught me that a golden watch was the perfect final touch to a "party" outfit. It can be used as a piece of jewelry. I find it a bit too flashy, but maybe it is the point: to add some bling to your do.

8- flat shoes (ballet flat). No matter how old or how young you are, you can always look good in nice ballet flats. They are perfect for a day running after your toddler in the park, or walking around the airport before taking off.

9- a jacket: lately there are different versions of the blazzer. It is becoming so feminine that you have many choices of style. I prefer the classic style, and the cropped one. Get one in a very flashy color that will pop (particularly for Spring)

There are so many items that should be added to this list but I have to limit myself. I want everything in different colors and in different styles but one has to limit itself particularly when they are on a budget.


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