All I want for Summer!

Hello everyone!

 Summer has officially began. The Summer heat also started to invade us about a week ago. We are avoiding going outside at certain hours of the day, and sleeping under the air conditionning at night. I find it almost impossible to get dress decently under the rising temperatures. But with new weather, comes new cravings for my closet. And here they are:

- White jeans and/ or white linen pants


I think I am going to finally get some white skinny jeans. I never buy white pants because, they get dirty very easily. Plus, I have the feeling that the color white just makes me look fatter. However I  I am willing to ditch all my inscurities and give skinny white jeans a try this summer. I also need a loose fitting linen pants to keep me cool.

- Yellow mustard pants

Truth be told, I have been looking for mustard pants with a knotted waist for such a long time. I could settle for cargo or regular cigarette pants but try finding those in that color in my size. The lose cotton types are very popular in the market right now but I still have not managed to find one that fits me properly.

- Panties

I have to confess that some of the panties I own are getting a bit too old. I keep them because they are so comfortable. However they are embarrassing. One of my biggest fear is to die of a violent death and have somebody autopsy me and discover ugly worn out panties. I need to get me new panties in cotton, preferably soft and that are seamless. I might as well add a few bras to the list.

- Cotton Tee shirt

It is must have for Summer, enough said!

- Mules

I will never get tired of mules. But for some reasons I am fixating on mules with funky détails such as bow, knots and tassels. Do not ask me why. I am looking for one in a very bright color like yellow or Kelly green.
Image result for green tassel sandals

- Summer Bags

If like me, you are planning to hit the beach or at least go sun-tanning by the pool, then you need a summer/beach bag. I always loved Straw bag, that I find so appropriate for Summer. I would like one with lots of colorful pompoms attached for extra fun.
Related image

What are you craving for this Summer season?


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