The Slip Dress

I have this thing with easy to wear, easy to remove clothes. When it comes to dressing up, I am not into fussy clothes such as blouses with lots of buttons and dresses with zipper at the back. What is up with those by the way? How am I suppose to zip them when my hand cannot reach the zipper all the way in my back?

But I digress.

Recently I found a new obsession: slip dresses. You know those type of dresses that are usually under your clothes (lingerie) but that everybody insists on wearing outside nowadays. The kind that is silky smooth and easy to wear hence the name: Slip dress. The kind that you just put over your head and hop, it falls down on your body. Or the kind you remove the straps and flop it falls on the ground (Yeah, I have been watching too many perfume commercials or romantic movies). The kind you can take from a diner date to the bedroom without batting your eyes. Yeah! I am talking about those dresses.

I like them because of everything i said above and more. They are extremely sexy, reason why I have not been able to purchase any till now. But I also noticed that they are easy to layer, which is how I plan on wearing them all Summer long and even when the cold returns.

Here are some I fancy:

The formal one

It is floor length in a smooth fabric such as silk or satin. It would be something Hollywood stars wear on the red carpet. Truth be told, I really do not see myself pulling it off because the fabric of the dress is so thin, I would feel self-conscious. Yet it is a dream of mine to wear it someday.

Floral and short:

There is something about a floral and short slip dress that reminds me of the 90's, that golden time when I was a teenager and experimenting with style. I have to admit that Beverly Hills 90210 was my reference back in those days. And all the girls on the show wore floral dresses. That is why, to this day, I cannot see a floral short slip dress without feeling nostalgic.

The lacy one:

I like a slip dress with a little lace detail, either at the neckline, or at the hem or both. They are so girly and sexy.

Well, with all this talk about how I am going to wear these kind of dresses all Summer long, I am not actually sure I will. But I find inspirations in some styles below to get me started:

Hijabi Style

Over pants (Ameliaelle)

With an outerwear ( 

With a printed or lacy Kimono and mules

With a white tee (

With a sweater or turtle neck (Jadorefashion)

I cannot wait to rock my slips dresses. Yeah! I took advantages of sales and bought four already. Do not judge me please.


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