"Floral for Spring? Ground breaking!"

If you watched the "The Devil wears Prada" a million times like I did, you know about this famous line. It is sad that every Spring, the fashion industry cannot come up with anything better than floral print. But in all fairness, how can one not be inspired by nature, flowers in full bloom around them.

As for myself, I love anything floral. Over the years I have acquired a few pieces in floral. And I do not think I will stop anytime soon. Today I will tell you about all the fun pieces one could get in floral that will become work wear essentials this new season:

The shirt:

A shirt or blouse is a women's best friend when building a functional wardrobe. But one in floral will instantly brighten any outfit you have. I prefer my florals with a black base but one in white can be very uplifting as well. Get one in a satin or chiffon fabric for extra femininity (also not so much ironing required)

Wrap satin bodysuit

The dress:

I love dresses, maxi, midi or minis. A floral dress is such a girly item. You may need to invest in one with either bold flowers or tiny little flowers. If you are working in a formal place, I recommend investing in a midi sheath with small floral print. It can be paired with a one tone tailored jacket. But if you are in a casual workplace, a flowy maxi dress in tropical flower prints is the way to go.

Cold shoulder sheath dress

Tropical print maxi dress

The midi skirt

This is rather a new concept for me. I like skirts to be in one tone color. But just imagine the fun of owning a midi skirt in floral print. Pair it with a white blouse but if you are daring, chose one in a matching color with the floral prints of the skirt. Add pointed toe pumps for an extra sharp effect.

Wrap skirt 

Pencil skirt 

The jacket

A fitted flower jacket can be the sophisticated touch needed to complete an outfit. I like the ones in satin for extra fun. But a slouchy jacket such as a kimono or a duster can be functional as well.

Satin jacket 


The shoes

Floral printed shoes will always be trendy for they are way too cute to pass. For work, I suggest you get nice pointed toe pumps with flowers all over. Or you can invest in mules or ballerina flats with embroidered ones.

Embroidered floral mules

Pvc pumps

If you are not really into prints, but still would like to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, I recommend starting with something small like accessories. You can buy a floral print scarf to tie around your neck or on your tote bag. You can also get floral bracelets or rings that are subtle and cute. But get familiar with it because florals are one trend that will never die.


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