I dream of open toe Booties

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since last year.

Today I would like to talk about a must have item for the cold season: booties or ankle boots.

I was not really a fan of booties. I used to think them to be awkward, in between type of shoes. Yet, I gave in a few years back and bought some sneakers style booties and wedge booties. But since my taste in fashion is always changing, I found myself craving booties recently.

In this country, there are not so necessary because it never gets too cold. However the recent drop in temperatures we have been experiencing might make you reach for even thigh high boots.

I want my booties to be light with a low heel because they will fit more with my casual side. I also tend to gravitate towards suede for the material but the shoes has to be either open toe or perforated so I can rock them during the Summer as well. As for the color, I am torn.

Here are some I would not mind owning

Blush Suede open toe with a zipper on the side

Olive green laced up booties (military style)

Perforated booties

Black velvet with insect design

Which one is your favorite?

In my city of Dakar, there are several shoe stores where you can find booties. There are some at UNO, Aldo and some random shoe stores in Lamine Gueye Avenue in Dakar city. You can find some used one at the local Saturday market as well.

I am not sure where to go first but stay tuned to see if I scored any of these booties style.


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