What to wear at an office Holiday Party

It is that time of the year again. The year is coming to an end and we are rushing here and there to buy our family Christmas presents and making party plans with friends.
In my country of Senegal,  many offices plan Christmas or year end parties. Sometimes they invite the family, hire an entertainer and offer gifts to the kids. Other times, the party is low key with just the staff, some random decoration and good food in the office.

Unfortunately for me, my company does not do Holiday parties. I was very disappointed when I found out but that won't stop me from telling you what you should wear if ever your office has a Holiday party.

Office Holiday parties could come in two or three forms like I said earlier. Let us start with the first

 Low key party at the office (after work style)

Those parties are really simple and sometimes cheaper for the company. They just decorate a bit and hire a caterer. But they are the trickiest to get dressed for because you have to find an outfit that can be suitable both for work and for party.

  A line skirt and simple top:
I like the idea of a skirt for a party. A line midi skirts fit perfectly on any body type and the length makes them modest enough. But you get bonus point for choosing a skirt that is metallic. You will be the center of attention with such a fun outfit. Since the skirt is the main focus of your outfit, keep the accessories to a bare minimum. 

Supple Chic

 Simple dress and killer accessories:
This one is for the minimalist. Wear a one tone simple knit or sheath dress and make it shine by adding killer heels and a sparkly belt. You stay classy with a touch of festivity.

Fun blouse and simple pants:
Use a shirt that has lots of details like ruffles, lace, anything fun and trendy and add a simple classic pants to it.

Big office parties that involve families

Those are often at another location such as hotels or restaurants. You should also try to figure out if it is a casual family day or a formal event.

If it is a family day with lots of fun activities for the children to do, you can go casual:

Duster and sweats :
You can go sporty with a floral sweatpants  and a sweater. Add the duster and you can look instantly chic and covered (in case it gets cold). If there are lots of running around involved, you can wear canvas or slip on shoes (I swear by those).

Long sleeves tee and leather jacket:
Revive the biker chick in you by putting together a leather jacket and some sweat pants (can you tell I love sweat pants?!) You can also wear dark or blue jeans if you are not too keen on the workout look. A long sleeve tee will complete this simple yet fun look.

For a formal affair, try these:  

Lace dress:
I always fancy the idea of a lace dress for a formal event, short or long. You can go with colored one but I prefer a little black dress with bell sleeves.

The Honey Bee

A deconstructed suit:  
Bring out the tomboy in you with a comfortable yet chic suit. Add a girly top with a bow to tone down the sharpness of the suit. Keep the accessories in the metallic genre.

A jumpsuit:
Expect for the fact that they make peeing rather difficult, I always enjoy jumpsuits that are not tight. This one is in the fabric of the season: velvet. Add a sparkly jacket to cover up the sexy neckline. Finally play with bejeweled accessories since the jumpsuit is clean cut.

The key to dress well for these parties is to not overdo it. Do not use this occasion to be too sexy or too flashy because after all you will be around you peers and your bosses. And you surely do not want them to get the wrong opinions about you. Your attitude also should not change. With alcohol, people tend to be more outgoing. I am happy that I do not drink but if you do, try to keep your alcohol intake to a small amount. Have fun but still be on your best behavior because, you can be sure that your bosses will judge your every move.  

Merry Christmas!


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