Hello my People!
I have decided that BLUSH was going to be my Summer color.
This color is like no other, it could be a nude but it is slightly different. It could be pastel pink but it is shade darker. Somehow it is a feminin color and that's why I like it so.
And the best way to mark my decision is to get items in that color.
Ankle strap sandals:
For some reason I am having an ankle strap moment. These shoes are just simple yet sexy. The ultimate goal is to find the right pair that is not too high and in perfect blush. I am not sure velvet or suede will be suitable for Dakar streets but this pair below is absolutely fabulous.
I have been dreaming about dusters for a very long time but never been able to find the right one. I probably need to find me a tailor who can make me one like this below. This duster will be perfectly paired with sleeveless blouses and sexy dresses.
It looks soft but powerful. Enough said!!!
Open Abbaya or Kimono:
If I could, I would live in Abbayas and Kimonos. They are the perfect cover ups. They are also a blend of sexy boudoir style that I am trying to incorporate in my life and effortless style that I cannot seem to pull off. I already have a fabric slightly similar to this one below to make me what I want.
Pantsuit (or just the pants will do)
 I used to own a pink Zara pants that I would wear only for important events. I also had a Zara blush cargo pants that was my go to for a while. But both pants became too tight and I gave them away. What I want now is a cross between the fit of those two pants. Therefore I will go for a rather slouchy fit for my first purchase. Then progressively move on to a tighter formal fit. If I can find a jacket to make a suit, I would be more than pleased.
There you have it, all I dream for this Summer; Watch this space to see if I make my dreams come true.  


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