Closet cravings: Summer Edition

It has been a while since I did a closet cravings post. It is not that my cravings stopped; I did not have the time to put them down on this blog. But since it is Summer and all, I might as well blog about what I want!

So here is what I crave for this very hot Summer (and it is a lot): 

Summer Loving

1- Tops

I am obsessed with tops with lacy or eyelet details, slightly off shoulders, with peplums or ruffles and in breathable fabric like cotton or linen. I want one in every possible bright colors plus the basic ones of white and black. 

2- Dusters or Kimono

My obsession with Kimonos or Dusters is here to stay. I just want to be able to find the right kinds; in breathable fabrics, floor length and in the color I want. For the printed Kimono, I might have to go for a thrifted one. But for the rest, since I have not seen exactly what I am looking for (and believe me I have searched), I will settle with tailor made ones.

3- Skinny Jeans

I need skinny jeans or jeans period. The ones I have are either too tight or too big. I want to score two: in dark blue, and in light blue. I am also willing to try the embroidered trend but that one I will have to DIY it.

4- Maxi tank dress

Summer would not be summer without maxi tank dresses in cotton. They are airy and always on trend. They are also perfect to run errands during the weekend. I will pair them with my dusters for modesty purpose.

5- Strappy sandals

Right now I just want two kinds; one in blush (obsession du moment) and one embroidered (and maybe one in shiny gold. Ok. I am stopping now!!!)

6- Pointed toe flats

These will be perfect for work since I do not do well in high heeled pumps particularly on the days I walk to work. I want one in black but I also would like some in bright colors, to uplift my mood.

7-  Sandals

These are the ultimate weekend casual wear sandals to add pizzaz to my boring style.

8- Accessories

I need me a new straw hat to protect my head from the sun but also just to look instantly classy. Moreover, I would like some fun accessories like these rainbow tassels.

The list is extensive and I even edited it. Not added here are the Senegalese traditional clothes I plan of having tailored. I realised that I really needed outfits that can help me survive the heat. We have been having heatwaves since the end of June. Funnily enough these temperatures make me miss Pune Monsoon when everything was gloomy but breezy. Well, we cannot have it all, can we?

So tell me! What are your Summer cravings?


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