Holiday gift guide

Well, the holidays are approaching at a fast rate. Soon you will be dragged to office parties and family get together. Are you ready for it all? But more importantly, have you bought all the gifts for your loved ones?

I am here to help you find that special something for the ones you care about be it family or friends.

Gifts for her:

Maybe because I am a woman, I find it very easy to shop for women. They enjoy clothes, accessories, perfume. If you have daughters, or nieces, I am sure they will fall in love with any doll you give them. I saw some with African printed clothes at a toy store the other day. You can also think outside the box, and offer them toys that can push them to use their creativity like jewelry making sets or their brains like society games. Older women will enjoy yards of fancy fabrics to make themselves clothes or a piece of delicate jewelry. I know my Mother will fancy a nice pair of red mules to match her red tote bag (she already told me). And this following advice is for the men out there: your woman will always give you hint of what she would want for Christmas, so pay attention to what she says in the coming weeks, please.

Gift for her

Gifts for him:

People think that it is hard to buy gifts for men but it is actually very easy. I usually gravitate towards books, watches, ties and perfumes depending on the personality. I may splurge on video games or the latest technology if I know he enjoys that. As for younger boys, if they are like mine, they all like cars, trains, Legos and super hero figurines. 

As for myself, I really enjoy making something for people. It could be something simple like a card or sophisticated like a beaded necklace. It becomes special with that personal touch. Therefore if you are creative and have the time, I suggest you make something to give. The person will appreciate it way more.

I hope this was helpful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


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