Monthly Cravings: New Year!

Happy New year dear friends!

I hope you had a great time celebrating the last days of 2015.

I am starting this new year with a few cravings. Actually, I have a lot of cravings but I decided that I will curb my shopping enthusiasm in 2016. And you will know why in a post coming real soon.

In the meantime, here are a few things I crave this month

Monthly cravings : New year

Monthly cravings : New year by sinnistre featuring a camouflage jacket

1- Pom pom sandals

My obsession with everything tassels and pom poms continues with this pair that I am dying to DIY (because the real thing cost way too much anyway). I already have all I need lying around so I just need to let the creative juice flow. 

2- Black bag

I have black bags but they are not very conventional. I want one that is classy enough, one that screams power woman (even if I am not there yet!!!)

3- Camo Jacket

This item has been on my shopping list for centuries. But I have found a new itch for it, after seeing it at the flea market (but also on my favorite blogger). Hopefully it will still be there when I go back. 

4- Black mules

I have been stalking this pair at Payless for a while and was jumping joy when it got discounted. However the only shoe left at my size had a defect I was not willing to overlook. When will the shopping fairy smile on me?


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