Sunday, August 30, 2015

What to wear for date ( or what not to wear for a date)

I recently received an email from an underwear company representative asking me to write about clothes men and women should not wear for a date. He asked me to focus on underwear but we did not find an understanding as to how we would proceed. However I thought that the topic was too interesting to ignore. So today I give you : What not to wear for a date!

There are several things one should never wear for a date. And they all differ according to the situation (whether it is a blind date, a first date or a date between married people), the location,  the weather and so forth. But no matter the situation, these are the basic rules you have to follow :

Put a little effort into it!

I am talking to myself mostly and other women and men who have been married for years. You cannot be bothered to be dolled up and handsome every day for your spouse. But when you go on a date, even for a casual one, make an effort. Ladies, wear heels, make up, do your hair in a different way that he is used to see. And Men,  groom yourself, wear a nice shirt and good perfume. Do not go to the date wearing sweats or clothes you hang around in the house.

Be yourself!

It is a first date and you want to impress. Your girlfriends tell you to wear that sexy cut out dress that you purchased on impulse. But the dress does not represent your style. My advice: do not wear it. First of all,  if you wear it you will feel very uncomfortable and it will show. Second,  you do not want to give the person a false impression of yourself. And you have only one chance to make a first impression. I suggest you wear something that you are comfortable in it but that looks good on you. Moreover it has to be an upgraded version of your style. For example if you are a tee and jeans kind of girl,  go for a jeans but with a pretty blouse.

Dress accordingly!

If you are going to a beautiful park for a laid back date,  wear casual shoes that would allow you to walk without having blisters. If you know you are going outside on a chilly night,  grab a jacket.  Men might pretend to be chivalrous and lend you their jackets when you are cold but most of them do not like it that much. Do your homework in order to be ready. If the location is the surprise,  ask for a small clue so you would not end up wearing a cocktail dress for brunch. Men,  this goes for you as well. Being overdressed or under dressed still makes you look silly on any occasion so do your part.

It is all in the attitude!

You do not have to show all your personality at once during the date. And treat your party with respect. Men, be a gentleman: open the door for her, let her go first, offer to pay for the coffee or meal. Ladies, always be prepared to pay whether or not your date offers. Be tasteful and classy. Moreover, avoid all dangerous topics on the first date such as previous relationships, religion and politics.

Now that you have the basic rules,  let us dig deeper into the subject.

First date

The first date can be the start of something amazing or not. But you are going in it with high exceptions. If it is for a coffee,  wear casual with a twist. Men,  a simple nice shirt (in prints like gingham or stripes) that shows your personality paired with jeans or cotton pants that are neither baggy nor skinny will do. Try experimenting with colors, but think about colors that either compliment or contrast with each other. Do not wear wrinkled shirts or distressed jeans. Add sneakers or loafers as footwear. Do not forget to wear dark socks with the shoes.Take care of your hair (facial also if you have it), cut those long nails. Remember you want to make a good first impression.

Casual dates outfits for men

Ladies, for a casual first date, opt for a sundress with a simple jacket and some sandals. You can also try on fitted jeans and a nice blouse with heels. Your hair should be done and your nails manicured. I recommend a simple and natural make up. Keep your accessories to the minimum as not to scare off your date.

Casual dates (woman)

Formal date

For a formal date at a fancy bar or restaurant, you can go all the way. Women can put on sexy dresses that are either fitted or flirty. And remember the rule about revealing too much. You can either show cleavage or legs but not both at the same time. Plus a blazer is a good way to look demure even when sporting something sexy underneath it. Since the date will probably be at night, you can up your make up game by going with a smoked eye or shimmery eye shadows. Also, wear heels, strappy or pumps, anything that you can do a sexy walk in without falling down. Do not forget to add a little sparkle with baubles or earrings.

Formal dates

As for you my men, a formal jacket is a must with a white or colored shirt underneath it and well ironed slacks. You can wear a tie but it is not obligatory. Think about classic attire.Try to smell good by putting on some after shave or cologne.

Formal date outfits for men

What not to wear at all:
For Women:
- Flip-flops (unless you are at the beach)
- Too revealing dresses ( unless you want to be treated like a whore)
- Distressed denim ( even if it's the trend,  it still does not look good.)
- Wrinkled clothes ( you end up looking unkept)
- Heavy make up ( you want him to touch you without having all your foundation on his hands)
- Too much perfume (some people are allergic)

For Men:
- Showing underwear (you are not a rappeur)
- No baggy or skinny jeans
- Long nails
- Unkept hair and facial hair
- Colorful suits (you are not a pimp!)
- Too tight tee shirts (this isn't Jersey Shore!)

 I hope this was helpful.

I am always open to suggestions on this blog. If you want me to talk about a particular fashion topic, send your inquiries to I would be happy to help.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Wrap draped skirt

I have found a new thing to obsess about. It is the draped or wrap skirt or draped wrap skirt.  I fell in love with it for the first time while watching the movie Friends with benefits.  Mila Kunis's character was wearing this grey draped skirt that made her legs look divine.

Mila Kunis in the draped mini skirt

 I immediately wanted one but since the skirt was short (I do not wear short clothes)  I put my feelings aside and let it go.  But when you have only trendy fashion related feeds on all your social media, you are bond to come across similar skirts that will ignite the obsession.

So here I am daydreaming about a wrap draped skirt.  Unlike those I saw online I want mine to be long, not too tight and not too revealing. I would love to find one in jersey fabric but any other one will do. I like this kind of skirts just because it is feminine and sexy. The drapes and/ or wrap make the body looks curvier so it would be perfect for ladies who are a bit flat. You would think that it is something curvier women should also avoid but one look at Kim Kardashian in those skirts,  we know that it is also perfect for us "bigger" girls.

Here are some skirts I found  that look interesting even if they do not meet all my requirements:

New Look t wrap Jersey maxi at wrap front pencil skirt (at Rps 270  it is a steal but it going fast right now)

Crepe woven wrap skirt from

Mango wrap long skirt

Alia Bhatt for Jabong Grey wrap skirt

My favorite ones are the two below but their price tags are hefty.

Doo ri long draped skirt with leather trim

Three dots draped maxi skirt

Luckily, a draped or wrap skirt is very easy to diy. And I made my first ever just this week. Read about it here.

I do want to get one in Jersey though so I am still on the hunt for it.

Some celebrities in wrap draped skirt

My favorite : Beyonce in Burberry Prorsum wrap skirt 

Olivia Palermo styling her Wrap skirt with a military jacket 

Rihanna' s draped skirt oozes sexyness 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

5 tips to dress stylish this Monsoon

It is Monsoon in Pune. It rains almost every day: sometimes heavy showers,  other times sprinkles. If you are like me,  you may like the rain but hate dressing up under it. But here are a few tricks that will help you stay fabulous under it.

1- Invest in waterproof shoes

There are all kinds of waterproof shoes,  shoes made with rain in mind. You have the rain boots,  the jelly sandals and other rubber shoes. While rain boots can be very stylish and protect your feet and legs,  rubber or jelly shoes have been known to be tacky in the past. However,  nowadays they are becoming cuter. Even Crocs have a range of cute sandals any wannabe Fashionista can sport under the rain. And in Pune you can find a wide range of cute shoes that will protect you from getting wet. But, if you are more of a stylish girl,  get some jelly sandals with heels or some kind of platform. They are very comfy but at the same time they are high enough so you can walk on puddles  and never get wet.  Personally I prefer wedges sandals with rubber heels.  In the end,  just avoid shoes like espadrilles, those that are in suede, sateen and leather because they will be ruined.
Crocs Huarache sandals

I saw a pair of platform jelly sandals in Thailand similar to this one above but it was not my size. Sniff!

Steve Madden X Iggy Azalea High top Jelly sandals 

2- Ditch the cheap raincoat for the trench coat

There are plenty of raincoats out here in Pune. They are cheap and very useful when you are caught under the rain. But from the color and design standpoint, they are not very flattering.  If you want to up your style quotient,  try trench coats. They are a tad more expensive than plastic raincoats but they have the same use and can upgrade your outfit.  I like mine in the traditional beige but any color or print that looks good on you will do. However, if you really want to go for a raincoat, try the chic kind that is also very modern.

Pastel colored trench have been trending this year.

Go for colorful Fisherman raincoat that is stylish and can also keep you warm. 

If you want to try plastic raincoat, at least go for the nicer version like this one above.

3- Avoid floor length clothing

I love me some maxi dress and skirts but they are not very practical under the rain. You do not want the hem of your skirt to get dirty while you walk under the rain. Therefore if you must wear a dress or a skirt,  stick to the midi or mini version.

Don't wear a dragging to the floor maxi skirt!

Go for a midi skirt instead!

4- Do not shy away from colors

Monsoon season tends to be gloomy because the skies are always covered. This could lead to a shift into a dark mood. Turn your mood all around with bright colors and pretty prints. Try colors that suit your skin tone and are vibrant such as yellow, orange and bright blues.  Go for bold prints if you think you can pull it off, anything to get away from the boring routine of rain.

Even the Queen does not let rain damper her style.

Rihanna in bright red.

Floral prints will do!

4-  Pump up on accessories

Accessories are always a great way to upgrade an outfit. Do not stop wearing them just because you are afraid they may get wet. Just make sure that the ones you wear are waterproof or that the rain will not damage them. But you can wear as much accessories as you want: necklace,  rings, earrings. Moreover, there are lot of rain accessories that can help you stay cute like umbrellas,  hats and such.

A PVC clutch to keep all your things dry. 

Do not forget to add colorful baubles.

A rainbow umbrella can brighten your outfit and your mood. 

5- Pay extra attention to your grooming

Do not overlook your skin and hair care regiment. In fact you need to pay extra attention to both to avoid small problems. Moisturize your skin and keep the make up to a minimum. Nude make up,  lip gloss, a waterproof mascara,  a little blush should be more than enough. As for your hair,  if it tends to frizz up,  use anti frizz products to keep it flawless. And if ever they get too unruly scarves, turbans and hats can become your best friend.

Interesting hairstyle for Frizzy hair!

There you have it,  simple easy tips to keep you fabulous during this Monsoon. They are very easy so anyone can try them. Will you?


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