Friday, February 27, 2015

Closet Cravings: Mininal chic with an Indian twist

Hello dear readers!

I have decided to add a new segment to this blog. It is called Closet Cravings and every month, it will feature all the things I crave at the moment. I may buy them or make them myself depending on my mood, what is available out there and obviously my wallet.

For the first edition, here are the items I crave (from left to right):

Style cravings

1- Pussy bow blouse
I am prepared to make this blouse either by refashioning an old one of mine or starting from scratch. It doesn't seem too difficult from the tutorials I saw online.

2- Banjara style necklace
Just because I am obsessed with Indian jewelry. 

3- Wrap blouse
I am still on the fence about making it or buying it. But this is one item I have been craving for a few years now so I better get to it.

4- Grey jersey maxi skirt
The ultimate minimal chic item.To pair with white tees and sandals all Summer. 

5- Maxi embroidered white dress
Since I am in India, I figured I should incorporate Kutch embroidery in a white maxi dress a la Mara Hoffman. I have been dying to do this project for a while now. I just need a maxi dress and some embroidered cloth either recycled or found at material stores. I am so excited about doing this but so far finding the right material has been tricky.

6- Round Quilted clutch
I saw one years ago in F.C road and I was stingy to buy it. I have regretted that decision ever since.

7- Maxi shirt dress
In blue or tie dye to layer over tees and pants this season. 

8- Sandals in mint and white
Do I need a reason to buy a new colored pair of shoes? No!
Stay tuned to see if I finally bought or made all the items on my list.
But what about you? What are you cravings at the moment? Please do share!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

On my radar : Minimal chic

As an effort to become classier and elegant this year, I have been doing a lot of research (mainly checking Instagram of people I consider classy, and getting obsessed with Pinterest). And what I learn was that to portray a classy and elegant lady, one has to go the Minimal chic route.

"What is Minimal chic?" you ask? From what I understand it is a way of dressing that is simple and chic. Think of clean cut pieces without prints and less statement accessories. The color palette is also very muted like white, black, navy, tan and a few pastel colors. Basically Minimal chic is just another way of saying "less is more" and getting back to the basics.

I am so far from this style (I do not want to call it a trend because many people have been dressing like that for years and they will probably not stop anytime soon). I have a "more is more" kind of style. I love bold colors, bolder prints and lots of accessories (That is the African in me). Yet, I do see the appeal of the Minimal chic. It is like you have a white canvas, a fresh start and you can build up from there. I am not sure I can restrain myself to imitate this style. But I am willing to give it a try for a while. And here is what I need to start:

Minimal Chic

- A clean cut tee:

Ashley Madekwe in a striped tee

It could be white, black, grey or striped; round or v neck, but made with the finest of cotton. I love me some tees. They are essential to a Minimal chic wardrobe (or any wardrobe for that matter), and perfect for layering in Summer or Winter (long sleeves tees). And we all know that tees go with everything. Although those with some kind of a message are the rave lately, I think that a tee without will do just fine and stay stylish even when the trend has faded. I do not like fitted tee and prefer those who are slightly over sized or a size above. But if you have the body, go for fitted tees.

- A White shirt or blouse:

Emma Watson in a crisp white shirt

A white button down or blouse is a must have if you want to try the Minimal chic look. It will elevate your outfit without too much of a fuss. Even when you have different ascetics, a white shirt is a must have for any woman.

- No fuss bottoms:

Jessica Alba in loosely fitted trousers

The perfect things to pair with you tee or blouse would be a nice pair of jeans, black structured trousers, and a feminine midi (or maxi) skirt. You do not need ruffles, embellishments or any other kind of trims. Remember simplicity is the key. Comfort and fit should also go hand in hand. I suggest to choose bottoms that are not too tight or too lose.

- Simple Dress:

Lupita N'yongo in a simple metallic dress

A simple dress with no embellishments, fitted or flared in a muted color quietly screams elegance. I love Tee shirt dresses but skater ones are always fun. Moreover, those dresses pair well with outerwear of any sorts. 

- Classic outerwear:

Victoria Beckham in sleeveless camel coat

Fitted Blazer, Denim jacket, Duster coat in Summer and Camel or Pastel coat, Leather Jacket in Winter are all you will ever need. Once again stay away from prints and embellishments (Studs, Fringe) to make sure to keep these items for a long time.

- Statement shoes

Pumps in nude, black or metallic (for a party), a classy flat (think loafers or ballerinas) or ankle straps sandals are enough to go on. If you are sporty, canvas or converse shoes are also great.

- Less accessories:

Since it is all about "Less is more", I suggest wearing one accessory at a time: one cuff, one necklace, or statement ring. It should add to your outfit and not stand out.

Minimal Chic is really easy to pull off. Think Monochrome look ; a white shirt and a black skirt. Go for pastels if you like color: a pink duster coat over a light pink dress. If you really like bold colors, let there be only one popping: a red blazer with an all black ensemble. Furthermore, do not forget to invest in great pieces that will last a lifetime (and not only one Runway season). With a clean canvas like that, dressing up in the morning may just be the easiest thing to pull off in your day.

Minimal Chic bloggers:

I am not sure these bloggers would call their style Minimal Chic but somehow I find that it fits some of the criteria.

A pair and a spare:

Kendi Everyday

and my favorite Sagaleeya:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Celebrity Style Stealer (III)

What do you do when you have too much time, an internet connection, a camera with a timer and some clothes? Well, if you are a fashion blogger, you make a look book. And today, I offer you a look book inspired by celebrities style that caught my eye. I would like to call this look book: Celebrity Style Stealer,  third edition.
( Read previous ones here and here)

* Attention: No new clothes were purchased for this stunt!

Jessica Alba

I like Jessica Alba. She is so beautiful and have a great body. I also enjoy her off style. I have seen pictures of her rocking so many looks while she is out running errands that are simple and chic. The look I like the most (for now) is this one:

 Blue dress with yellow cardigan

And here is how I reproduce it:

Blue cardigan - Uniqlo
Neon maxi - M.G. road
Bag - present
Fedora - Freemantle market, Perth, Australia
Wedges - Sole to Soul 

Kim Kardashian

I am not a big fan of Kim K. But that girl sure knows how to dress her curves. Sometimes I envy the fact that she can shamelessly "promote" her derriere. In the past years, I have seen her with so many different and daring things on. But the look I like the most is the one below that she rocked weeks after giving birth:

Army Green Jumpsuit

Here is my version:

Grey jumpsuit - Shimamura
 Nude pumps - Next

Olivia Palermo

I saw Olivia Palermo once or twice om TV back when I was watching so much crappy reality T.V. She came off as someone who I would love to smack across the face. However, her sense of style is beautiful. She gets it. I rarely seen her wearing something that was not stylish or weird. Even when she walks her dog, she is 20/20.
I particularly love this look for she dared to mix prints that would clash.

Black feathered coat, floral pants and leopard heels

My version:

Pink blouse - H&M
Black blazer- market in Seoul ( had it since 2002)
Floral pants - Reliance trends
Brown bag and Snakeskin peep toe pumps  - Carrefour Dubai

Michelle Obama

I love, love, love Mrs. Obama. She has a great body, she is chic and so classy. She is known for her dresses, her low heels and her boldness ( she rocked a sleeveless dress for her first White house picture showing off those guns). If I had to emulate any classy lady today, it would be her. Here I am reproducing this color block look

Blue coat and purple dress

This is how I tried it:

Blazer - H&M
Dress - Ross
Belt - Big Bazaar
Heels - Payless


When I think of Rihanna, "bad ass" comes to mind. This girl is not afraid of anything. And her style reflects it. She would wear casual, sporty, classy, edgy any day of the week and ooze sexiness. And she is always changing from her hairstyles to her clothes. Yet she somehow stays true to the sport chic look, and drapes with killer heels. But today I want to reproduce a more demure and casual look of hers:

Tie Dye jeans

Here is the reproduced look:

Scarf - M.G. road
Knit - Gap
Blouse - G.U.
Necklace - M.G. road
Tie Dye jeans - Loot Bazaar
Sandals - Westside

This was fun and all but it really does take me a long time to do the shoots and write the post, reason why I do this like once a year. I hope you did enjoy the reproduced looks. Do you also do a celebrity inspired look book? 


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