Closet Cravings: Mininal chic with an Indian twist

Hello dear readers!

I have decided to add a new segment to this blog. It is called Closet Cravings and every month, it will feature all the things I crave at the moment. I may buy them or make them myself depending on my mood, what is available out there and obviously my wallet.

For the first edition, here are the items I crave:

1- Pussy bow blouse

I am prepared to make this blouse by refashioning an old one of mine. It doesn't seem too difficult from the tutorials I saw online.

2- Banjara style necklace
Just because I am obsessed with Indian jewelry.

3- Wrap blouse
I am still on the fence about making it or buying it. But this is one item I have been craving for a few years now so I better get to it.

4- Grey jersey maxi skirt
The ultimate minimal chic item.To pair with white tees and sandals all Summer. 

5- Maxi embroidered white dress
Since I am in India, I figured I should incorporate Kutch embroidery in a white maxi dress a la Mara Hoffman. I have been dying to do this project for a while now. I just need a maxi dress and some embroidered cloth either recycled or found at material stores. I am so excited about doing this but so far finding the right material has been tricky.

6- Round Quilted clutch
I saw one years ago in F.C road and I was stingy to buy it. I have regretted that decision ever since.

7- Maxi shirt dress
In blue or tie dye to layer over tees and pants this season. 

8- Sandals in mint and white
Do I need a reason to buy a new colored pair of shoes? No!

Stay tuned to see if I finally bought or made all the items on my list.
But what about you? What are you cravings at the moment? Please do share!


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