Closet cravings : Birthday Month


We are now in November which happens to be my birthday month. I will turn 35 this year and I guess I am too old to be this excited but I can't help. However, I am not planning to go on a shopping spree to celebrate. As a matter of fact, I have decided to stop buying stuff as soon as this month is over. My closet is bursting and I am not even maximizing the use of the clothes I already own. But before I go on a shopping diet, this is what I crave this month:

1- Sarees

Ever since I attended my first saree party, I have been obsessed with sarees. The ongoing festive season with Dandiya, Dusshera and upcoming Diwali has not helped at all. Everywhere I turn women are sporting sarees that compete in elegance. Last week I took a friend of mine to buy sarees for an upcoming Saree Party. And I fell in love with two. One is a Saree in salmon color with gold embellishment and the other one was a skirt type ( lehenga) saree. I did not buy them because I already had my saree. But they have been haunting me ever since. It would make no sense to buy more sarees at this point but the heart wants what it wants.

2-  Golden headpiece

This craving will be blamed on all things related to Belly dance. While shopping at -Chandan Nagar market for a Maang Tikka, I found a beautiful golden head piece like this one. It was so cheap I should have snagged it but I could not really see where on earth I would wear such a jewel. I still do not know but I have been postponing this buy for months. Since It is my birthday and all, I will go get it. With my  luck though, it may be sold out (it was the only one in the store) and it will haunt me forever.

3- Yellow maxi dress

It think it is about time I got myself a yellow maxi dress. I have been lusting over it for a while now and even started making one. But since it did not turn out the way I wanted, I refashioned it into a vest. I want a maxi dress the color of the sun and very flowy. If I do not find it, I will make it.

4-  Tassel Pom Pom coin necklace

Blame it on Gujarati or Banjara Embroidery, but I am.having a craving for all things with tassels, coins and Pom poms. I was never a big fan but now I go on the hunt for it. I want to be able to refashion a jacket by adding those elements to it. But more importantly I want to be able to make their Gypsy like jewelry. If only I could attend Rann Utsav.

This month list is really short. It is not that I am having less cravings but I want to scale back on the shopping. In the following months, I intend to get things made or do them myself. I will not buy anything new. Well, unless it is on the List.


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