Closet Cravings: All about the shoes!

It is a new month so here I am delighting you with tales of all the things I crave this September. Last month I just managed to score black pointed toe pumps,  a grey men's Kurta used as a shirtdress and pink cotton pants all on sale.

This month is all about the shoes. During the end of season bargain, I wanted to go on a shopping spree, trying to score all the things that I thought I really needed in my closet. But I ended up browsing shoe stores instead. I realized that I am and will always be about the shoes because clothes may fit you one day, and be too tight the next. But the right pair of shoes will never let you down.

Anyway, I will not rest till I get these babies below. I give myself a year to score them all.  Some of them I plan on diying (making them myself) like the laced up shoes.

Closet Cravings : All about the shoes

1- Laced pointed toe ballet flats

2- T straps pumps

3- Studded heeled sandals in red

4- Laced up heels in royal blue

5- Perforated white pumps

6- Mules

There you have it. I really, and I repeat really should not buy anymore shoes but life is too short. I will buy the shoes....Let us just hope I will have the funds!


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