Closet Cravings: Basics before cravings!

Hello hello my dear readers!

Sorry I have been silent on the blog. I was on vacation back in my home country. You can read more about my stay there here.

But in the mean time, let me regal you with a very belated monthly Closet Cravings.  I did indulge in shopping back home so I am not really suppose to do more. But it is Bargain season here in Pune, and who could resist that?

However before I go all crazy, I just want to add a few basic elements to my closet that I have been missing.
Here is my list:

Closet cravings: August

1- Pointed toe pumps

I really need pointed pumps preferably in black.  I have several rounded and peep toe pumps and I am growing tired of them. I do like the style but an elegant pointed toe is probably needed to reach the sophistication I believe I lack. I am looking for a heel that is not too high and sturdy so I can have it for several years.

2- D'orsay flats

In the same line, I need me some pointed toe flats d'Orsay style because they are just really elegant and fit more to my casual lifestyle.

3- Cotton blouses

In Senegal,  I realized that I did not have many blouses in cotton to counter the heat. So I want to remedy to that starting with a white blouse, then gradually adding other colors like yellow,  mint, chambray and why not all colors of the rainbow.

4- Cargo pants or other cotton pants

I think I am over the printed pants trend (ok, almost over it). What I am looking for now is fitted cargo or cotton pants in colors to replace the ones that are too tight or too faded. I will search for khaki, beige and pastel pink colors first.

Now onto the craving section:

5- Eyelet pencil skirt

This would be an absolute craving. I like pencil skirts but I never know how to style them. Reason why I passed them on on so many occasions even when the price was too low to resist. But this skirt I saw at the AND store is too gorgeous to resist. It is in Eyelet, a fabric I absolutely love. I would have preferred it to be a circle skirt which is more my style. Eventually, I will have to think carefully before buying it though because I would not want that thing to sleep in closet.

6- Heeled jelly sandals

I do have jelly sandals for the rainy season but I want some stylish ones with a wide heel like the Sophia Webster ones but with a cheaper price tag.

7- Make up by Lakme

I want to buy some new make up. The Lakme brand is not very expensive and offers a wide range of products. First on my list would be their 9 to 5 foundation, their red lipstick, colored eyeliner but also the Lakme Absolute matte mousse. I just discovered that the brand offers a bright red make up box if you buy 3000 Rps worth of products. I am not sure I need 3000 Rps worth of products but that box is very tempting. 


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