Closet Cravings :In time for Ramadan and Eid

Hello my dear readers!
It is a new month so you know it is time for Closet cravings. This month I am lusting over Indian inspired outfits that are modest.

CC Indian inspired

CC Indian inspired by sinnistre featuring strappy sandals

1- Anarkali

I think it is high time I get myself an Anarkali. I have no problem rocking these modest styles but my problem is that I really do not get opportunities to wear such beauties. But since Eid is around the corner (technically in 6 weeks, but who is counting?), I figure I may go and get myself a nice one. I am torn between a cotton royal blue and gold embroidered one and a pink and gold embroidered mesh one. The pink one has long sleeves but I am afraid that the mesh will make it a bit too hot for this weather. Decisions! Decisions!

2- Gold sandals

A fashion blogger and fashion designer I followed once said that gold accessories like shoes upgrades any casual outfits. Judging by her pictures, I tend to agree so I want a pair of nice shiny gold sandals to rock all Summer long. I kind of like the ones with the platform which would be perfect for Monsoon. 

5- Embroidered black kimono

I tried one at a boutique that was gorgeous but the price was too steep for me. I am still on the hunt. 

4- Maxi skirt with gold trim

I love love Indian maxi skirt and have bought two in the past but I absolutely love this style with the gold trim. It is relatively easy to make but I already know where to get some for practically a steal so.

3- Tie dye Kurta

My obsession with tie dye is still continuing and seeing a woman at my kids school rocking a super long tie dye kurta made me crave one even more. I should have asked her where she got hers. 

I have been on a shopping hiatus since I came back from Thailand. But If I find these beauties for the right price, I may break my hiatus. 


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