How to dress like a lady

As it is the tradition of the new year, it is time for resolutions. I usually do not make resolutions because I never keep them. So instead, I am making small changes to my life. I decided to live a little and appreciate more. When it comes to my style, I decided that it was high time I start dressing my age and like a lady.

If like me, you want to make a change and dress more ladylike, follow these tips:

Throw on a Blazer

Jessica Alba and her colorful blazer

A blazer or tailored jacket can make any outfit look stylish and classy ( even torn jeans). I love blazers and I already have a good collection but I need to add more colors but also basics like white and nude that look really put together without trying too hard. When choosing a blazer you have to look at the fit. It has to fit you properly : not too tight, not too short (Sleeves) . After all you need it to upgrade yourself, so choose wisely.

Vero Moda Blazer

Wear Pumps

Solange Knowles in cute Mary Jane

I am not much for wearing heels but I have realized that pumps are a really easy way to look put together. They do not need to be sky high, even court shoes may do. I favor peep toe pumps and round toes pumps but the pointy one are very chic. Invest in a good pair in black, or nude heels in patent leather. If you are not a heel kind of person like me, then go for flats that are elegant like loafers or bejeweled ballerinas. 

Steve Madden Pumps

Aldo Pontile pumps

Skirts over pants

Deepika Padukone in a pleated skirt

Skirts are the epitome of femininity. Pencil skirts are sexy but full midi skirt are the way to go. They are really lady like even when paired with cropped top or sweaters.Choose colorful or printed one, full or with pleats but keep the top neutral for an elevated look.

Go for dresses

Michelle Obama rocks this fit and flare dress

For a person like me who tends to gravitate towards pants, dresses are just a bit of a hassle. But there are nowadays a range of easier to wear, fuss free dresses in color and prints that are irresistible. I really like sleeveless skater or A line dress. You can pair them with cardigans or blazers and look instantly chic. Stay away from the bodycons and cleavage exposing dresses. Remember to choose dresses that accentuate your curves as well. I go for maxi dress but shorter dresses are OK as well as long as they are long enough. Knee length or below the knee is perfect.

Zara color block dress 


Learn how to wear the proper accessory for every outfit like a belt over that dress or a brooch on that cardigan. The right accessory can turn a simple outfit into a fabulous one. Therefore you need to take your time and choose right. And with sites like Pinterest - when you can find what accessory will match what kind of neckline, and also learn how to tie a scarf a million different ways- it is getting easier to accessorize.

Invest in a great bag

Victoria Beckham - the Queen of statement bag

Get a great bag that is big enough to make you look slim but can also hold all your essentials.  It does not have to be the pricey designer kind.  It can be a well made High Street bag.  I favor black, and brown for those kind of bags but a pop of color can also work perfectly.

Accessorize Melissa Bag

Aldo Shala Bag

Wear natural or simple make up

Chanel Nuit Infinie Make up palette

A natural make up will complement any outfit even if it is a very casual one. For this you have to find the right make up for you. I like to go for a good foundation and concealer to cover my dark spots, some Kajal as an eye-liner, mascara and a nude lip or lip gloss. The simpler the best. If you are out on the town, ready to turn up, you can go crazy but for an everyday look, less is more.

Grooming is key

No matter how nice and elegant a dress may look on you, you will never be classy as long as you do not groom. Keep you nails manicured, your feet baby smooth, your skin moisturized, your hair did, your body waxed. You can all do that at home but going to the salon is also not a bad option. Grooming is another way of showing to the world that you love and take care of yourself. So do not skip this step.
You should also take care of your clothes. Make sure that they are washed and ironed properly.

All in the attitude

Charlotte in SATC is the quintessential Classy lady: the way she talks, and carries herself is (most of the time) beyond reproach. 

Get the confidence you need to be elegant. Being a lady is all in the attitude. Know how to act, talk to people. Be gracious, be courteous. Be outspoken without being too loud, or overbearing. Basically be you, but an upgraded version of yourself.

I am started this challenge of becoming a elegant lady. Who is with me?


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