Wardrobe revival (Tips on how to keep on wearing too tight clothes)

When you gain weight, one of the major things that suck is that you cannot fit in your clothes anymore. Dressing up is limited as there are few things in your closet that still fit. Lucky for me, I rarely buy tight fitting clothes because I know how my weight fluctuates and I am into modest clothing. Yet, there are a few things I own that cannot be worn right now. Although those items are not very expensive (cheap shopper here), I think it would be a waste to get rid of them and buy new ones. I am planning to loose those extra kg eventually but in the meantime, I came up with solutions for my problem. 

For tight jeans

I have skinny pants that I love. I have two pairs ( a versatile black and a fiery red one). I hesitated before purchasing them last year because they were tight but I gave in. And I wore them all along Fall and Winter with no problems at all. But now they do not zip up at the waist. I want to keep on wearing them so what I am to do?
Well, one thing I could do and it is about as easy as it gets, is to just wear them without zipping them up. I usually wear those pants with long blouses, tunics or shirts so these cover the zipper. Unless the wind blows, no one will be the wiser about the deception. And if ever you are super conscious, just get a belly hugger type thing. They are for pregnant ladies but who says we cannot enjoy them?It is kind of a elastic band that you put on top of your pants. Back in Japan, some lingerie shops made something similar  but they were designed to hide your butt when you wear low rise jeans. The Belly Belt is also very useful. It is a kind of belt you just add to the waist button of your pants to give your belly more room to grow. With them you can keep on wearing your tight jeans.
(Now if your pants are so tight that they cannot pass your knees, then I am sorry there is nothing I can do for you)

Belly Hugger

My pants are unzipped but you would not know it unless I tell you

For tight tunics (or shift dress)

When I gain weight, the lower part of my body suffers the most, which means that my butt, thighs get wider. Therefore I can no longer fit in those tunics or shift dress. One way to get around, is to give the tunics slits on the side. Your hips will finally have enough space to "breathe" and that tunic will find itself back in your dressing routine. If it is a shift dress, a side slit can also help. Or get a tailor to take them out if they have extra material. It will cost less than actually getting a new dress that fit. 

For dresses that do not zip

I have this favorite midi dress in Kente print that I love to death because it is so colorful (and I designed it). Just two days ago I wanted to wear it but surprise, surprise, the zip on the side would not go up. I could have forced it but I did not want to ruin it since I do not know how to replace a zipper. I am not going to let that good thing sit in my closet till I loose the back fat (GOD knows it may take a while). So I am leaving the zipper open and adding a light cardigan. Layering is really your best friend here. Winter is the best time but Summer can be hard. So stick to Summer cardigans, sleeveless vests (for zippers in the back), and cropped tops (in lace). Believe me they can do wonders.  

Oh no! It does not zip!

Cover it up!

For blouses

I like my blouses long and flowy so most of them still fit. Yet there are one or two that stops right at the waste and with a protruding belly, the look is not good. So it is best to tuck that blouse in a skirt or pants and belt it. I hate tucking in but I have to admit that it looks more polished and ladylike than letting the blouse flow. 

Blouse is too tight and no longer flowy

Tuck it in and add a belt!

I hope these tips have been helpful. I know they are going to help me. Now If I just can find an easy way to get back to my normal weight that does not involve dieting and exercising.....


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