Style me polish

Last week, I got mad at my husband. I usually get mad at him and then get over it in a second. But that time, what he told me bugged me all day. I was about to leave the house dressed in faded green cargo pants and a wrinkled brown sweater when he asked me to change into something more suitable. I was in a rush so I did not have time to really think about what I was wearing. I just grabbed the first thing out of my suitcase. After all I was just dropping off my kids at school, not going to the ball. As pissed as I was I changed into a ironed white shirt and just left.

Usually I do not care about my husband's critics when it comes to dressing up. I do believe that he and I do not see eye to eye when it comes to Fashion and Style. He is set in his ways and I stopped years ago trying to change them even it embarrassed me once or twice (Once, when we were dating, he wore a red shirt with white polka dots that he had when he was a teenager aka in the mid 90s). I am also set in my ways but he usually does not complain as long as I am decent. So I am not sure what's got into him that day.

Anyway, once I cooled down I got to take a good look at myself. In other words I did a self critic. I am 32 going on 33. I am a housewife with no prospects of a job anytime soon. I spend most of my time at home or shopping for food and picking up my kids. I do go out from time to time to enjoy myself. My life is very casual which is why my clothes are very casual. I do not have many things that are professional or very fancy in my closet. I am not even sure I have that suit needed for interviews anymore. I do have some of the essentials like a white shirt and dark slacks. I also have one pair of pumps, fabulous sandals, some decent jackets and a little perfect dress just in case.  But that is about it. The rest of my closet is full of tees, maxi skirts, maxi dresses, leggings and leggings typed colorful denim.

It is not that bad but I need a bit more polish. I need to look my age. I need to look the part (which part I am not sure yet but...). Therefore I decided that I no longer need certain things in my wardrobe like see through, light fabric or ill fitted, neon or animal printed tees that only teenagers would wear. I have a certain body type that does not do well with tight things. And considering that this body of mine is not in a great shape recently, I have to learn to dress for it. Furthermore, I am all about modest dressing but just in talk. In fact I am all about talk when it comes to that. I need to walk the walk and follow more of my own rules.  Do not get me wrong, I will still be casual in tees and jeans. But let us just say that my tees will look more like blouses than actual tees. And then at least, I would not spend an entire day being mad at my husband because he told me in the morning that my clothes were not appropriate.

Truth be told, it is just another excuse to go shopping....


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