Back to Basics: Outerwear Back to the Basics: Outerwear

As somebody who hates being cold, Winter in Japan can be a pain. Sometimes it is so cold that while I take a shower I can feel my entire body thawing. Yet, I like Winter for I seem to notice that people tend to be more dressed up. I think it is becaue of the outerwears; they add a certain elegance to Winter outfits. And without further a do, let me give you a list of outerwear I think every self respecting girl should own.

Pea coat: I like pea coats because they can be either casuals or formal. I prefer them in dark colors line navy or brown.

G.U. Pea coat

Colorful coat: a colorful coat will always brighten you up on those gloomy winter days. With a color that will match your skin tone, you will look radiant and automatically attract attention. And since we are on the topic of color, I am thinking that a camel coat is a great investment to make because it never really goes out of style.

Teal wool coat from Nissen online

Trench coat: I confessed my love for trench coats more than enough in this blog so I am not even going to start on this post.

Leather jacket: to toughen up any girly girl outfit.
Forever 21 Quilted leather jacket

Mod's coat: can't get enough of this coat. If I had one I would wear it everyday. A short one will be easily paired with anything but I prefer longer ones. Imagine having one with a removable fur collar and removable sleeves. You can turn it into a vest for Spring.

Lideel Mods coat at Rakuten Globlal market

Knit coat: One those days you do not feel like wearing a heavy coat and still want to be warm.

Cape coat: to add drama to your days

Free's mart Cape coat

Printed coat: to show your fun side

H&M Leopard printed coat

Down or Puffer coat: for really really cold times

Zara Puffer coat

I am guessing you may say that there are way too many coats for a person to own. Truly you do not need all these coats. You can just invest in a timeless piece that will last you a lifetime. And if you really can afford it, you can gradually add more outerwears to your collection.


Anonymous said…
LOVE the coats! Especially the teal one. Could you please link to it? I'm very pale with red hair so I have a hard time finding things that I can wear well.

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