Back to the basics: Cardigans

Summer is around the corner and I have been craving cardigans. It may be because the weather is not really cooperating. One day it is hot, and the next it is freezing. One morning it is sunny, and by the afternoon it is raining. I need cardigans (even jackets) to protect me from this weather. Besides, I just found out that cardigans are part of the basics I need in my wardrobe. They will help me polish any outfit.

These few are on my radar:
Uniqlo Extra light cardigan at 1990Y
Uniqlo Stole cardigan at 2990Y

Zara Wraparound cardigan for 5990Y (can find cheaper version at 109 Minato Mirai or Vivre Yokohama)

H&M White cardigan at 1490Y


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