My style (or why did I buy green pants?)

I went and got myself some Irish green pants yesterday. They were on sale at H&M for 1000Y. I have been craving for some green pants ever since I saw this pic online. It made me crave dotted blouses ( I still have to get that) and green pants.
I do own two pairs of green pants, one in military that I wear every other week (part of my Mom outfit), and another pair in olive green that is sleeping in my suitcase because it is way too long (may have to try to roll the hem for a casual look on that one). However when it comes to Irish green, I looked everywhere in my closet with no sign of that color. Therefore, purchasing a pants in that color was a no brainer yesterday.

H&M Green leggings with zippers on sale for 1000Y

Yet after the purchase, I kept thinking about how I was going to wear those pants. The problem I have with them is that they are leggings style tight (actually they are leggings). I will never wear them with a short top. I am very conscious of my butt area. Moreover, I try to dress modest, reasons why you will never see tight fitted dresses or skirts in this blog.  I finally decided that I was going to wear the pants over long denim or white dress shirt (that goes all the way down to my knees). Yet I do not own dress shirts in those colors. Does it mean that these pants will sleep in my closet until I find something to pair them with...? So sad!
All that made me think about my style. If you ask me to describe my style, I will say this: " I like flowy things: blouse, men's shirt, oversized cardi, maxi skirts and maxi dresses. I would rather be comfortable than fashionable, which means that you would see me wear flats more than heels. I enjoy color and rarely wears black from head to toe. I try to incorporate trends into my style but I know what I can wear and what is too much for me".
That is what I consider to be the truth. Yet, lately I have noticed a change in me. More and more I try trends that I am not sure are for me (hence the green pants). What happened to me?
My signature style has always been jeans with tops and flats. I would wear different version of this outfit almost everyday. As I grew older, I added more items in my wardrobe. I had a blue phase (I would buy only items in that color), I had a hoochie phase (I would buy only tight and sexy things), I had a dress and skirt phase (I was tired of always wearing jeans), I had a tunic phase....Even going through those phases, I knew what I liked and stayed away from trends and even advices from friends (except my best friend). I did not need inspiration to get dressed.
Now, I am inspired by everything I see on TV, on magazines, on Facebook, on the blogoshpere, on the streets. Back in the days I would laugh at how Japanese ladies dress. Now I find it so edgy, I even find myself trying to dress like them. It is a bit scary. Moreover, I read the fashion blogosphere every single day. As a result, I steal some styles that I would have never wore in the past. I guess that I am a victim of the social media.
Is this a good or bad thing? It depends on how you see it.
I think it is great to find inspiration for dressing up as long as you know who you are and what is your style. I often drool at the sky high heels my blogger idols wear. However, I have not bought any pair of high heels in a while (since 2010).  Why you ask? Well because I know myself well enough to see that high heels are not for me.  I may not be to the point when I call myself stylish; I have not yet reach the sophistication I so long for (a la Mrs Obama). But I know who I am and I refused to be influenced any further. It is sad that when I read the fashion blogosphere, many ladies wear the same shoes, have the same bag or the same floral pants. It is true that they probably share the same taste, or shop at the same place. However what would be the point of blogging about one's style if it is a copy of another's.
As for myself, I got the pants hoping to reproduce a look I like. But I am afraid that a) that look may never be reproduced for I have not find the perfect dotted blouse yet, b) the pants will be worn with something else from my closet, what though I have no idea, c) green pants will have to be returned for I am not sure they are even my color....
So tell me about you, your style and your influence? Do you think like me that the blogosphere has been polluted with copycats?


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