What happened?

Remember how I decided to stay 3 months without shopping? Well, the 3 months are up so I wanted to tell you what really happened.

I will just go ahead and be honest with y'all: I failed miserably.

Somewhere along my path of no shopping, I met my sister in law who was here for a visit. I am not blaming her but it was torture showing her all my favorite spots to shop without buying something myself. I took her to H&M, Zara, Forever 21, 390 Mart, Don Don Down, Vivre Yokohama, Motomachi, Takeshita dori among other. The first week I was brave. I did not buy a single thing. But the second, I just gave up. First it was a Summer dress at 390 Mart. Then it was Kimono Jacket and a belt at Forever 21. And you know, shopping is like a Pandora box, once you open it, you cannot close it without freeing all the evils of the world (aka spending money). Therefore, even after she left, I kept on shopping.  And here are the things I bought:

- a Summer dress  390 Y
- a party dress 390
- a scarf 105Y
- rings 300Y
- a kimono jacket 980Y
- a leopard top 980Y
- a belt 250Y
- a clutch bag 390Y
- wedges 990Y
- teal top 990Y
- platform shoes 2000Y
- military shorts, Summer dress, tunic dress 2000Y

Over all I spent around 10000 Yen.

I am surprised that it is not much more. I was pretty sure that I did spend some more. But that is not the point. I was challenging myself and I failed. It tells me a lot about myself; basically I have no self control when it comes to shopping. When I am bored or depressed, shopping becomes a channel to distract myself.  Reason why some of the things I bought are impulse buy like the red wedges I got. They are great but a bit high. Plus they are for next season. I am very happy with some other purchase I made though like my Bally clutch bag I thrifted for 390 Y. Actually I spent less money because I thrifted a lot.

Nevertheless, I am disappointed in myself for lacking self control. Believe it or not, I used to be good at saving money. I was so good that my best friend asked me to keep her cards for her to prevent her from spending too much. I was so good I would save half of the money I got, and it actually would pile up in my bank account. I was so good that on Xmas I would indulge myself by buying lots of very good and expensive gifts to my family (and I would end up with a CD). What happened to me? I could stay here and speculate. But in truth, I know what happened to me. And I would like to share it with y'all (if you are interested) in a future post. However this post will take some time, because I need to do research on the topic and write a more elaborate article about it. Till then, enjoy some of the things I bought and really like below:

The wedges: Gap and H&M

Bally Clutch

Close up

Suede belt - Forever 21

Gap blouse with bow (bought in September still have not worn)

Rust Kimono style top -  Forever 21

Tell me, have you tried anything like my challenge? Did you succeed? Did you fail?


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