New obsession: Airy maxi skirts (pleated optional)

These past weeks I craved military green shorts. I was lucky enough to find one my size but after wearing them I realized that they were not for me. So they shall be banned to the indoors.
Now that I am done with the military shorts, I have to find a new obsession. So I pick one from my box (yes I have a box full of obsessions): airy maxi skirt.

I have been craving airy maxi skirts ever since I saw this one on the Galstar online site.

It was love at first sight. The only problem was that it was not in my size (one of the endless problems of being a size 12 gaijin in Japan). Fortunately I had this great airy skirt that I purchased at H&M in Summer 2010 to fall back on. That skirt is just marvellous. It is light and fluid. It is airy enough so that I won't sweat in hot days. Furthermore I just need to wear leggings underneath it to feel warm in Winter. And I can style it with pretty much everything. The only problem is that it is in black.

I crave airy skirts in color. Walking around in Yokohama, I see many ladies wearing them in beige, nude, peach, rust, wine, blue, green...I am green with envy at how the skirts twirl every time they walk. Last week, I saw these girls who paired their cream colored airy skirts with men's sweaters. The look was so edgy I wanted to die.

Here are some I like: has some great ones starting from 3900Y

Zara long skirt with elastic waist for 6999Y

Again for 1990 Y

Love the prints- Forever for 2380Y

I shall not look for my skirt in these places though. I will be thrifting it. GOD willing I may find one I like at 390 mart. Last Summer they had great colorful ones but they were on the short side. Or Don Don next door may have what I am looking for. If everything fails, I still have Shimamura. I am sure I may find a great skirt my size there....We shall see!

Update: Last week, I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch but she did not show (my fault because I send her an email saying let us meet next week when I meant tomorrow). So I decided to window shop. In Vivre Yokohama, I found this small shop with great prices. And what do you know they had my airy skirt in pleats waiting for me for the small price of 2000Y. They had two colors: wine and gold. I took them both and proceeded to the dressing room. The skirts fitted but they were not airy enough. Even being a size F as in free size, the elastic waist was a bit tight around my bulging stomach. Moreover the fabric sticked to my bottom. The gold was so lovely I wanted it right there and then. I started thinking about what to pair it with and where to wear it. But I stopped myself. If it is not airy enough, it has to go. Otherwise, it will be another great find that end up sleeping in my closet just because. So I left empty handed. The hunt it still on!


Budget Chic said…
Those are really pretty, I wish I could wear them, but am too short! :-(
Chilel said…
Hey Budget Chic
Thanks for your comment. But I am sure you could rock these skirts. Japanese girls are really small and they wear it perfectly with high heels. I notice they usually do not wear skirts that are floor length (but a bit aove the ankle to show the shoes) so somehow it works for them. Maybe you should give it a try????

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