Somethings for Fall/Winter

Is it that time of the year yet? You know, the time when shops are already displaying Fall, Winter outfits even when outside it is still hot and humid. I mean, why? Why on earth would I buy a coat when my mind (an entire body) is melting? Judging by the actual weather, it will be very hot until October, therefore, I am in no rush to check Fall, Winter outfits. Besides I am not shopping till November, therefore there is no need for this post. But I will do it anyway, just because I am bored and I like to plan for what's ahead. So here is another Fall/ Winter wish list that I may or may not follow (old habits die hard)

Something dotted:

I have noticed enough dots on my fave shops to realise that dots will be big the next season. I searched everywhere in my closet but I cannot find any single thing that is dotted. I used to own a jumpsuit but I never wore it because I could not style it. Now it is on its way home to be purchased by some more fashion forward lady (I hope).
I want something dotted but this time I will stick to simple pieces that can be easily styled like a shirt, or a dress. I saw a nice little one at Fam's market last week: a beige dress with brown dots for 390 yen. I loved it but since I am not shopping I let it go. I guess that with luck it can still be there in 3 months but what are the odds? I could always go for this blouse at H&M. By the time my shopping curfew will be over, this baby may be on sale.

H&M Blouse

Something striped:

Really? Again? Don't I have enough stripes in my closet? My answer no: I still need a striped cardigan (multicolor please!), a navy and white striped tee, a green and white striped tee, a striped skirt, a striped draped cardigan and my ultimate must for the next season an A line striped dress like this:

H&M Striped dress

Something warm and colorful

Behold the colorful coat. I so wanted one last season but the prices and the style I found did not please me. I am no longer compromising when it comes to shopping so I am still looking for something stunning and affordable. Anything in the orange, red, purple, electric blue will do.

Zara double breasted coat for 10.000Y

Something capy (or a poncho)

I have not found my poncho yet. Last year, I waited so long for H&M to lower their prices on the poncho that by the time they did all of them were gone. I do have a cape that I can turn into a poncho but it is not in a color I can easily style. I want a poncho in light brown or camel. A capy coat is also another option. Imagine how sophisticated I would look in these:

Trench style classical cape coat available @ for 10.000Y

Something granny:

I love Granny sweaters. I want one that will keep me warm all season long. I could wear it everyday. I may try in thrift stores like 390 Mart that have American sizes because anywhere else is pretty much too small for my taste. I want something huge. I am dying for this one in this commercial

Something army:

The military trend is not dead, at least not in my book. And since last year I let go the chance to own an army green parka, I think I may try at it again this year. Bold design, dark, warm and affordable are the criteria. I am also thinking about getting an army green vest..I am into vests lately.

Something pleated:

I will not be done until I find my colorful pleated skirt this Fall. I waited all Summer and I am done waiting. I drooled over the blue all Summer, but for Fall, I may switch for the red orange?! Pleated skirt here I come.

Pleated skirt at for 1290Y

Something heely

I am done wearing flats everyday. I want something heely, comfortable to run errands. I think that a pump with low heels will do. And I want it to be colorful and in Suede. However I can't seem to decide between royal blue, grey, pink or orange.

Platform Suede pumps available @ for 1999Y

And the new heeled loafers are also tempting.

Something designer

I have been lusting over this bag ever since I saw one of the mums at my son's swimming class. What is not to love about this bag. It is huge, is bright orange and the price range is ok for a designer's bag. It is on my wishlist for my bday. Can I convince the hubby to invest in it?

The Jaden tote for 8000Y @ Rakuten

the logo classic tote for 9000 Y


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