Where the wild things are

I love animal print. And I want to turn this love into passion.

In my closet, I have few pieces with animal prints such as
- my Forever 21 leopard ballerina flats (that will soon give up on me)
- another pair of leopard flats that I purchased at home
- a leopard print scarf that my best friend gave me for my 17th birthday (yep Marieme, I still have it)
- and a sleeveless bubble hemmed dress (that I wear as a tunic) in grey leopard print
As much as I am satisfied with these items, I have the feeling that my collection of printed wild things is not complete. Hence for 2011, I decided to add a few puppies to my wardrobe. And here are the things that I am looking for:

- a leopard print long sleeves dress
- a zebra print granny sweater
- a leopard print cardigan
- a leopard print ruffle shirt (in silk)
- leopard printed pumps
- leopard print huge scarf

Thanks to H&M January sales, I already found my long sleeves leopard print dress. It is see through but I can remedy to that. And the print is very subtle. However, I still want something more out there, because as we all know there are leopard prints, and leopard prints. The one I have is very dark. And I want a dress in silky material (if not silk) with a very wild and outrageous leopard print. I saw this picture of this dress in Attaturk Airport in Istanbul during the holidays and fell in love with it. The plan was to have the same dress made back home but I lacked the time. My mother also told me that those kind of prints were very popular back home. She even owns a Kaftan made with a very wild print that I so wanted to steal. Anyway, the search is still on....

H&M Leopard print maxi dress

I have been looking for a zebra print or leopard print cardigan all Fall long with no success. There was always something wrong with the pieces I found (not long enough, not enough leopard print, too cute for my taste). Then I went online and found these jewels. And with the January sales, the prices are not so bad. However, I have a fear of shopping online particularly when some of the reviews are not favorable. I would rather keep on looking in shops until I find what I want because as my new motto for 2011 would indicate: cheap is not always better....

Zebra print sweater@Rakuten.jp for 3900Y

And do not even get me started on my search of leopard printed pumps. I have been looking since 2006. I started with the Baby Phat wedged rounded toe pumps, adorable but were killing my toes. As much as I love fashion, I am not willing to sacrifice my toes for it. So I let them go. And I have been looking everywhere for something similar but more comfy. Can somebody please offer a hint as to where to look in Japan to find a beauty like these.

Ruffled printed shirt as so classy. Every woman needs one in her closet. I do not go out much often to fancy places or even to work. But that does not mean that I should not invest in something as fancy as a printed ruffled shirt. It may sleep in my closet for a while but I would make a bang wearing for a interview at a fashion magazine or just a lunch with rich lady friends (not that I do not see any of these things happening in 2011 but I am keeping my fingers crossed)

And I already found my printed scarf. And it has ruffles. Nice!

                                                             Leopard print ruffled scarf


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