Elegance in the White House

If you are anything like me, you were rooting for Obama, shed a few tears when he got elected, and missed work to watch him being sworn in. But if you are like me, you are getting sick of seeing his face on TV every single day talking about his stimulus package and how he is going to get America out of this mess, the former administration and Wall Street made.

However, I will tell you what I am not sick of: Michelle Obama. I like the first lady. I always liked her even before she was going to become the first lady. I like the fact that she is a strong and "beautiful" black woman; that she can have a intelligent conversation, and that she is candid about her husband.

But more importantly (because after all I am all about fashion), I like her sense of style. That woman rocks. Well, you may think that her face looks like a monkey, but you cannot criticise her sense of style. So far, I liked everything she put on (except that horror of dress when Obama won the elections). The lady dresses well and for her age. She chooses only up and coming American designer such as Jason WU -who designed the famous inaugural ball dress-, Tracy Reese. Yet all her outfits are not outrageously overpriced. She seems to limit herself in the range of under $500, which is nothing when we know how much designer outfits could cost. She is not pretentious, yet she has class. That is all we need from a First lady: class.

On Oscar Night, the 1st couple entertained at the White House for the Governor's dinner. Michelle wore a sequined gown from Peter Soronen topped with a pearl and crystal necklace by Tom Binns. (Isn't she fab-tres Oscar worthy)

It seems like the media agrees with me, because everywhere you turn lately, it is all about her and her sense of style. She has been on the covers of Essence magazine, Vogue and most recently People mag wearing a stunning eyelet pink creation of Tracy Reese.

Michelle on the cover of People. This dress retails for about $400 (and I want it)

Do not get me wrong, I like the fact the for once in the White House we have a Black figure that emanates elegance. But from time to time, I wonder if this is all a red carpet event for Michelle Obama. It seems like she knows that she is being scrutinize about her wardrobe, that is why she is putting a show for us. Sometimes, I even have the feeling that she is going too far. Such was the case last Tuesday, when her hubby decided to speak to the Congress. The woman wore a sleeveless cocktail style dress. I mean it looked great on her but this was not the Vanity Fair party but a serious event. And to top it all, Mr. President himself made a proud note to tell everyone to look at his beautiful wife. It just about killed me, all this sweetness and lovey dubbey at the White House.

Michelle at the Congressional Address on February 24th wearing a plum silk dress from Narciso Rodriguez

Nevertheless, I am sure that even though Fashion is liked by Michelle, she has more important issues to deal about. The woman was a Vice President (for Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals before she quit to support Barack. She cares about the people around her such as her children, to whom she seems to give her unconditional love. Moreover, she genuinely cares about the issues the American people. And that shows.

It feels good to have her around: a good, strong, black female presence in the White House. A good sense of style only adds to our pleasure.


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