Fashion Trends for Spring 09

Is it too early to talk about Fashion trends for Spring 09?
I do not think so since all the major designers showed their Spring/Summer 09 collections last year. Plus, in all the stores you go now, you can find pretty much Spring Summer items on display. (it is kind of annoying because what should you do if you still need to shop for winter clothes?)

So, I went online to research all the major trends that you can see on celebrities but also on we simple people for the upcoming season. Apparently, the following will be "in":

- Harem Pants:
They are wide on the hips and narrow on the ankles. And they are the kind of pants I would never wear-particularly the ones that look like they were stolen from Mc Hammer- but who am I to judge people who do. Back in November, when I went to visit my family at home, I saw many girls wearing them (guess they are ahead of the trend market). The pants can be in khaki or colorful, in plain material or in silk. If you think that you can pull off the harem pants look, you need to wear them with slimming tops and limit your accessory. The pants should be the main attraction and nothing else.

Come to think of it, I did have some harem pants which looked like these once. But they were comfy and very nice on me. They were in black cotton with a low waist, and some cute strings at the ankles. I bought them in Malaysia in Summer 03. My best friend had the same in green. We loved them.

- The Jumpsuits:
Some celebrities already gave us a preview on the red carpet this winter. Gotta say: not my favorite look for anyone, let alone me. I like overalls but apparently a Fashionista should not be caught dead wearing one so I am staying away. The reason why I hate jumpsuits so much is because they are not flattering on curvy people like myself (plus, how would you pee wearing one of these?). And I know many women walking around the streets wearing jumpsuits that were so tight we could see every part of their body. So if you are skinny like (who is the skinniest b.... out there now?) try it!

An example of a celebrity rocking the jumpsuit look- Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty (I like this one) on the right.

- The Trench Coat:
This is one trend that never goes out of style (oops did I just made an oxymoron?). Trench coats are practical if you face a rainy Spring (such is the case in London or Tokyo), yet elegant enough to be paired with a pair of fitted trousers and white shirt. This year, look for a sophisticated trench that will waouh people everywhere you go.

- Black and white print:
This season, get yourself something in black and white print. Personally, I love the elegant effect a black and white print has on anything. I prefer it on dresses, shirts and skirts. You can experiment by going with an arty print or just basic black and white floral print. Either way, you will definitely by trendy and fabulous.

- Mix and Match patterns:
You do not need to be matchy matchy anymore. Or even tone down your bold patterned shirt with a one tone skirt. No, this Spring be bold by wearing mix and match patterns. For example, you can have a polka dot tops with a stripy skirt. I know, it is way off base for me, but if you dare why not?

- Pastel colors:
They are back again. (do they ever go?) I like pastel colors. They do look pretty on me so what can I say.

- A touch of Neon colors:
Neon like hot pink and green will be in. But just a touch. You do not need to go all the way changing your wardrobe to everything neon. Have it on your accessories to be more subtle.

- Two-Tone Dresses/ Colorblock Dresses:
I am talking about dresses that look like a two piece. In fact by using different colors, designers innovated with this new look that I absolutely adore (even though I have not tried it yet). You could get a black and white dress (with a white top and black skirt) if you are more on the conservative and boring side. But get something in white and hot pink for this Spring, and you will be sure to amaze even on the beach during Summer.The thing is to remember to accessorize those two tone dresses with belts at the waist.

Forever 21 SS Colorblock Dress $17.80

- Platform shoes
This spring get yourself a pair of platform shoes in vivid colors, tribal designs. I already spotted two pairs that I like in Target. What can I say for a girl who likes extra height but is scared of the stiletto, platform and wedged shoes are my best friends. I usually do not go for the extra high ones but limit myself to 3 inches because I need to be comfortable.

These could be my next buy: Women's Mossimo Willma wedge sandals available at Target for $19.99

I have to say that I find the trends for this Spring very disappointing. There is nothing new or innovative at all. All the trends were here last year. I can tell you that for spring, summer 08 I saw many black and white print, many colorblock dresses, many wedge shoes, many bold necklaces as accessories.
My question is: what is wrong with these designers? Are they sleeping? Or do they need a boost?

I need one of them to come up with something that will blow my mind for this season. I have to say that I am in no mood to go spend dollars with these "new trends". Suits me well, because with this economy I need to save extra bucks.


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