Travel Necessities

I like to travel. Ever since I was 6 years old, I enjoyed hopping on a plane or riding the bus to go discover new places. I did my share of travelling since the 1980s. I have been everywhere from Europe (Italy, Switzerland...) to Asia (Japan, South Korea) en passant by Australia.
All these travelling have taught me something crucial: I need a lot of stuff when I do travel.
So here are my must haves on a trip (by plane or car).

1- An oversized bag:
It could be a shoulder bag or just a small trolley, it does not matter. But it needs to be big, huge to contain all the stuff that I will be taking with me. I prefer a bag that is light because it will not put a strain on my shoulders or back. Nowadays, there are many oversized and fashionable bags. You just have to choose what you like. Personally, I prefer oversized Boston bags. They are so cute. But a big patent bag is nice as well,particularly in a popping color like red (I am dreaming of one right now)

I absolutely love this one by Hayden Panettiere but I just need it to be bigger!

2-a Jacket or Coat:
It does not matter whether you are going to Hawaii or Canada, if you are like me you will always need a jacket or coat on a plane or bus. It gets really cold on planes-GOD knows why and the little blanket they give you is never enough. Therefore, you can always wrap yourself in your coat when you sleep. Plus the coat or jacket (made in a fabric that does not wrinkle) will make you look presentable and polish- and very hot if it is in leather- after 5 to 8 hours of flight.
3- A long scarf or shoulder wrap
This is optional and it does serve the same purpose as the jacket or coat
I know that it is difficult to travel with toiletries such as perfume, toothpaste and hand cream nowadays due to the customs restrictions (thank you very much Al Qaeda). However, I always need them because it so dry on a plane that my skin always cracks. So get them in a 8 oz bottle to go and put them in a Ziploc bag or a travel size case that is see-through. You need a hand cream, a lip balm, tooth brush and paste, a nail file, some make up and deodorant.
5- Medicine
I have a sinus problem. I get really congested on a plane so I pack all my medicine with me and use it whenever I get an attack. I also like to pack extra tissue papers in case my nose starts acting up and a Tylenol for head aches.
6-Comfy shoes
Ballet flats are always very fashionable and comfy on a plane. I hate people who travel with hoochie shoes or high heels. (or with inappropriate clothing for that matter but this is another topic)
7-Extra change of clothes
If you are the target of the travel companies like I am and never receives your luggage at arrival, then you need to pack an extra set of clothing that you can wear upon arrival. And this does include underwear.
8- Entertainment: I Pod or huge book
I know that entertainment has come a long way since I first travel on a plane some 22years ago. Nevertheless I still need a huge book to keep my mind off things at the airport or even on the plane. There is nothing like reading a Nora Roberts or Patricia Cornwell book on a plane. Some other people just use their I pod or other portable device. But me I stick to the book.
9-Extra stuff
- tampons just in case the altitude starts messing with your cycle
- another book, magazine or game to entertain yourself in case of long delays
- food in sealed packages such as crackers, chocolates, nutrition bars
- cushions- I see people travel with huge cushions. That is not my style but I am sure it very useful in long flights
- camera just to snap at fun things around
- all your jewelry that you plan on wearing where you are going: my mother in law does not believe in putting your valuable jewelry inside your suitcase. And after staying 5 days without receiving my suitcase while on a trip back home, I started to understand why. So now I always travel with my jewelry in my carry-on. (Shut! do not tell)
10- And last but definitely not least: passport and boarding pass

travel necessities by Sinni

Enjoy your flight!


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