Michelle Obama and the View

Yesterday I watched the View, and it happened to be the day Michelle Obama was co-hosting with the ladies. I was waiting for that day but I forgot about it for some reasons. Good thing I thought of turning the TV on while doing the chores.
So I watched as the potential next first lady swim through the sinuous waters of an hour long talk show in company of sharks but also goldfishes of the View.
Michelle Obama was as usual very articulate, poised, funny and fabulous. She answered the questions with that same candor that she is known of , and she did not engage in some fist fight with Elisabeth like the people from fox news (I hate that channel)predicted.
The more I watched her, the more I was charmed. Obama got a good woman by his side. And,everyday I am more and more drawn to that couple. I can understand why people from the other party, fear them so much that they feel the need to attack Michelle Obama. And I think it is just the beginning because this campaign is bound to get nastier.
Nevertheless, I just wanted to talk fashion, not politics.
I like watching the View because of the opinions the ladies stress everyday. They have so much to talk about. I enjoy the free chit-chat about life in general that makes me laugh out loud, or just think a bit more. However, I watch it also to check the clothes. I enjoyed pretty much everything that Elisabeth put one. I think her sense of style (or at least her stylist) is very good. When she was pregnant, she used to wear those t-shirt dresses or tunic dresses that I loved so much. I even wrote to her one day just to ask where she got them (like I could afford them?). So as a habit, even when I do not have the time to watch the show entirely, I checked the ladies'entrance just to have a glimpse of what they are putting on.
Yesterday, I mostly concentrated myself on Michelle Obama's entrance. She had this gorgeous dress from White House, Black Market (I do not know much about this brand, but I find the name a bit offensive-will discuss it later in another post). It was a sleeveless knee-length floral dress, that she garnished with a black brooch. She was gorgeous and the outfit seemed effortless. Of course the ladies complemented her and even compared her to Jackie- O. (later that day, some woman on CNN said that she was not Jackie O. I do not know if she meant that Michelle Obama was not as "efface" as Jackie O or that she was not as fashionable as she was, but that comment made me mad). Whoppie even said that Michelle Obama gives another image of the black woman on TV. And she is right. Most black women on TV are dressed like Hoochie Mamas or too conservative (do not get me started on Condie Rice). Michelle Obama is like a breeze of fresh air. She is not a size 0, she is tall, her hair is well coiffed. She may not be the most attractive woman out there but she has a certain grace to her. That is the reason why she is liked.
I do not know how the people of this country are going to vote in November, but I wish the best to the Obama camp. Michelle will make a great first lady. She already has the qualities to it.
PS: As I thought, the sales of the White House Black Market dress that Michelle Obama wore (it cost $148 by the way) skyrocketed in just a day. And my favorite shop of all: Ross, put out all its White House Black Market lookalike sleevless black and white floral print knee-length dresses. Just hilarious how the Fashion industry works?!!!


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