So, I finally went to Hawaii, Oahu for 5 days with my hubby and baby.
Hawaii was great. More than I imagined. The beaches were beautiful, the moutains were gorgeous, the people friendly and the food exquisite.
Before going, I have planned 101 things to do there. But it seems that laying down on a beach was the most attractive attraction I could enjoy. 5 days is not a huge amount of time to do some sight-seeing, museums-visit, enjoy food and shopping.
Remember the packing process I share with you before going? Well, the packing process did not go as smooth as I have planned.
First, I found time to pack just the night before our departure. I already figured what I wanted to take but I had to make some changes because I am a very undecided person.
Second, I was very tired that day, having worked all day inside and outside the house.
And finally, I was very upset at my baby who would not sleep and at my hubby for not helping.
So the packing was critically rushed. I took out some clothes thinking that I may not need them. And I kept just the minimum because I did not want to have excess weight.
Here are the following items I packed:
-6 or 7 panties
-2 bras
-1 slip
-1 t-shirt for sleeping
-1 black beach pants
-4 tops (white,yellow, black and pink)
-2 tank-tops (black and white)
-1 black and white skirt
-1 printed floor length dress
-1 black knit bolero
-1 linen short
-1 linen beige pants
-2 swim suits and cover ups
-1 pair or red espadrilles sandals
-1 pair of golden flip flop
and my jean, pink blouse and gladiator sandals for the trip, and extra accessories.

I regretted what I packed and what I left behind, the moment we went outside and checked the city we were staying. Everyone was wearing colorful shirts (aloha shirts- with big bold flower prints) and very short shorts, or skirts. No one was over or formally dressed. They even wore sandals or flip-flops. Around the beach, swim wear was the way to go.
I felt out of place with my t-shirt and oversized long dark pants. I just wanted to go back home and pick some shorts. The thing is I do not have shorts coz I think I am too old to be wearing short shorts.
The fact that short shorts must be innapropriate did not cross the minds of many Hawaiian, elderly included. Everyone, and I mean everyone-tall, short, fat, slim, young, old in Hawaii owns a pair or more of shorts shorts.
I wanted to go shopping and get myself, some sarong, pareo, cover ups, bold printed short dress, short shorts, beach short, jean skirts, and colorful flip-flop.
Before going, I was so busy planning for the things to do in the Island that I did not made some good research about what clothes people wore.
I made the best out of the clothes I had and did not shop for any new ones. Nevertheless, I made a mental note of planning the clothes that I will take with me next time I go to Hawaii. Let us hope that there will be a next time.


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