Sunday, May 31, 2015

Closet Cravings :In time for Ramadan and Eid

Hello my dear readers!
It is a new month so you know it is time for Closet cravings. This month I am lusting over Indian inspired outfits that are modest.

CC Indian inspired

CC Indian inspired by sinnistre featuring strappy sandals

1- Anarkali

I think it is high time I get myself an Anarkali. I have no problem rocking these modest styles but my problem is that I really do not get opportunities to wear such beauties. But since Eid is around the corner (technically in 6 weeks, but who is counting?), I figure I may go and get myself a nice one. I am torn between a cotton royal blue and gold embroidered one and a pink and gold embroidered mesh one. The pink one has long sleeves but I am afraid that the mesh will make it a bit too hot for this weather. Decisions! Decisions!

2- Gold sandals

A fashion blogger and fashion designer I followed once said that gold accessories like shoes upgrades any casual outfits. Judging by her pictures, I tend to agree so I want a pair of nice shiny gold sandals to rock all Summer long. I kind of like the ones with the platform which would be perfect for Monsoon. 

5- Embroidered black kimono

I tried one at a boutique that was gorgeous but the price was too steep for me. I am still on the hunt. 

4- Maxi skirt with gold trim

I love love Indian maxi skirt and have bought two in the past but I absolutely love this style with the gold trim. It is relatively easy to make but I already know where to get some for practically a steal so.

3- Tie dye Kurta

My obsession with tie dye is still continuing and seeing a woman at my kids school rocking a super long tie dye kurta made me crave one even more. I should have asked her where she got hers. 

I have been on a shopping hiatus since I came back from Thailand. But If I find these beauties for the right price, I may break my hiatus. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I dream of Sneakers

I am not a sneaker kind of girl. I still own five : two slip on, one high top wedge and two that are mainly for working out. Yet this Summer, I am thinking of adding to my collection. All thanks to the bloggers I follow on I.G. (ladies you are not helping me!!!), I am starting to get obsessed with a few out there. And here are the ones I am lusting after:

(Note: I use the term "Sneakers" loosely here. Basically it means all sport shoes but also slip on, canvas, skater, plimsoll and such...)


I used to own a pair of vintage gold sequin sneakers. They were a gift from an old family friend and for a while I did not wear them because they reminded me of grandma shoes. But once I did I could not stop wearing them with everything from leggings to polka dotted skirts. I loved that pair so much. Now I think I am too old for sequin sneakers but I am willing to invest in golden or silver, any metallic canvas shoes. They are so grown up and can be paired with anything.


Hologram slip on available on Ebay

Mesh sneaker

I am not really into mesh but I do like the contrast it offers. I fell in love with the mesh sneaker when I saw yet another picture of a fashion blogger I follow. Her brown skin peeking through that mesh made her entire look effortlessly summery and I want that too.

Berksha mesh sneakers 

Neon or colorful

Colorful or neon sneakers are perfect to add fun to any casual outfits. They upgrade your jeans and uplift your mood. Now, I am in love with the Addidas x Pharell collection but any colorful canvas will do.

All the colors from the collection 

But I prefer the pink ones


I am not really a girly girl who adorns floral here and there. Yet for the right floral - tropical- I may change my mind. Paired with dark jeans and sweater, these would totally rock!

Vans Hawaii floral 

Vans Hawaii floral 

All White

All white canvas are so cute and classy but they are hard to take care of. When I was 15, I purchased all white canvas shoes against my better judgement (and those of my friends). I only wore them twice because the dusty roads in my country killed them. I washed them but still the dusty orange stains stayed. It goes without saying that that was the 1st and last time I bought white sneakers. I am thinking that if I am to get some, I would either wear them only inside (never to walk on the streets). But that could be tough. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star leather Ox shoes 


Now now, if money was no issue, I would splurge on these Celine canvas shoes. And I would probably buy at least 4 pairs:  the leopard, the plaid, the python, and then the camo print. But wait it is not a Celine.

Celine leopard print calf-hair sneaker

Celine Plaid skate shoes 

Celine Python skate shoes 

St Laurent Camo print skate shoes 

That is all for me now, folks! But I leave you with a few inspiring pictures I found on the Net with some of the lovely sneakers I featured above. Hope they inspire you as much as they did me.

Pero by Aneeth Arora S/S 15 featuring Nike neon sneakers

Blogger Dee Mohamud with the mesh sneakers

Jessica Alba street style in silver sneakers

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One jumpsuit, endless possibilities!

Taking advantages of the January sales in Pune, I purchased a black long sleeves jumpsuit in cotton. I could never resist a jumpsuit at such an interesting price. And when I tried it on, it fit me so well, and for once my butt did not swell in it. I could see myself rocking the piece in so many different ways...

So I went home with it and washed it. Now it is a bit tight. I am not sure if the thing shrunk in the wash or if I gained weight between the time I got it and now. However, I am feeling sad because I does not hang the way it used to. I could easily sell it but I like it so and I want to try to style it before giving up on it. My biggest style issue is that I never expose the butt. Therefore I went looking for ways to make it less obvious here.


Fedora - Freemantle market
Vest - Splash
Jumpsuit - Lifestyle
Pumps - thrifted
Bag - M.G. road


Scarf - Shivaji market
Kimono - did it myself
Jumpsuit - Lifestyle
Sandals - Lifestyle


Hat - stolen from the hubby
Ombre Scarf - somewhere in Houston
Jumpsuit - Lifestyle
Beaded shirt - thrifted and refashioned
Bag- Pratunam market
Sneakers - gift

Neon popping':

Blouse fabric worn as scarf - Pink city market, Jaipur
Sequin tee - Forever 21
Jumpsuit - Lifestyle
Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - Sole to Soul

 African inspired:

Scarf - did it myself (kente)
Jumpsuit - Lifestyle
Kente baseball tee - did it myself
Bangles - Ishaniya flea market and Sandaga market
Shoes -  HM

Phew! That is about it! After spending the entire day wearing the jumpsuit, I have fallen in love with it all over again.I am not sure I will wear it like in these pictures, but I am less intimidated by it. So what is your favorite style?


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